still aching ...

Hello all , I’m sure this topic has been given a lot of airing but really wanted to hear from others who are in the same situation. I had wle and node clearance sept 07 then a second op to give better margins. The thing is I have aches still and I cant really pinpoint the places as its a general ache in the breat area and upper back sometimes . Anyone else feel the same .
I am terrified to think it could be something else.
Cally xx

Hi Cally

I had a wle clearance on Jan 07 and still have periods of aching and then numbness.
It is made worse when I haven’t done my exercises in a few days or over done the arm strain (Digging in the garden humping rocks etc).

I am not sure but I think it is when the fluids that the lymph nodes used to clear begins to build up. We have to keep exercising to avoid lymphoma (or how ever its spelt), so keep on with the exercises and take care.


HI Carol
Isit in your arm for you or all over ?

Hi again Cally

It is mainly in my upper arm but it extends down my shoulder blade and along my chest where I had a mastectomy.

The pain is bearable just a nuisance really.