Still awaiting chemo

Hi Ladies, at this rate I’ll be on the February thread can’t stand the waiting, the stress levels are up and down, I’ve been trying to keep busy. I’ve been reading the threads since fist diagnosed in Oct , keep looking at the Predict and the Nottingham prognostic score, God knows if I’ve actually unstood it , think my chance of reacurrance is moderate so hopefully I’ll be fine to hang on in there a bit longer, heart scan is Wednesday. I think it’s the waiting that is hard but also had tears with getting used to my temporary reconstruction this week as its starting to increase in size. BIG HUGS to each and everyone of you, so sad but so brave & beautiful xx

Hi Trixielady I am waiting on chemo too. I have my first oncologist appointment tomorrow. I have also had a mastectomy with reconstruction. I have also been using the PREDIC tool but I am sure I will be having chemo as my ONCO DX result was 27 so in the high middle range for recurrence. It’s all pretty rubbish really but what can we do except get on with it and keep positive. I hope to hear how you are getting on.

Hi MBJ, when did you have an oncotype dx test? I seen my oncologist but he never mentioned that he just said chemo was a must, can I ask for it, I’m not sure if I’m understanding the predict test either, my path report mentions a Nottingham score not stage?? Have you had a heart scan yet? Mines tomorrow apparently can’t start until results back Hope your oncologist appointment goes well xx