Still can’t believe this happening!

Sorry!! Kayjay!!! See, brain fog??

Hi everyone I was diagnosed over a week ago anxiety went through the roof. Still can’t believe it’s happening. I am having a mastectomy on the 18th. Does anyone else get pains in stomach/back and get convinced it’s spreading or is that only me. Love the tips on focusing on the op and not the what ifs x

Glad I’m not the only one. Pain feels so real and every time I try and forget about it it feels worse so viscous circle. Glad I found this site

Silly question but does that mean the pain is real, in my head or caused by stress x

Hi everyone was doing ok then anxiety monster reared it’s head again !!! As well as aches and pains does anyone notice things physically with there body try and find lumps convinced spread. Just a few mins ago convinced it had speed just below breasts in centre as felt hard. Probably always felt like that I have no idea sorry think um slowly going insane

Thank you just so scared

Thanks ever so much nice to know I’m not insane after all !! Felt it since and now feels normal so was probably tense before. Wish I could stop looking and worrying constantly x

Well meaning friend just scared me even more saying if I was concerned about spreading I should ask gp for a scan

Well meaning friends have a habit of doing this! 

They would offer you scans if they feel you needed them , I didn’t have any. They make their decisions based on the facts and if there was any suggestion things were going on elsewhere they would act on it. 


Take a deep.breath and try and focus on what you know for certain at the minute, anything else is just speculation at this point. XX 

Thanks xxxa again xx

Hi Jobo,
As Jo says. Friends mean well, but unless they’ve been through it themselves, what’s said is often not helpful, so glad you’re here.
Loads of us become hyper sensitised to every ache & pain at this stage, you’re not alone in this & it’s certainly not “insane.”
If a scan was needed, the team would do it, most of us don’t need one.
ann x

Hi how’s everyone doing today

Having a down day again.!! Keep getting shooting pain down from my belly button. Again probably stress. Just wish I could switch off for 5 minutes

Thanks. Spoke to bc nurse and she said not related to my bc thinks stress or related to coming off the pill. Didn’t think about it for an hour yesterday and no pain so think all in head. So scared if it spreading

Wow fab news about your partner. Hope all goes ok with you too x