Still concerned

Hello, my mum and sister have had breast cancer so I check my breasts. I noticed one had grown bigger than the other and the top of it was itchy so i saw my GP. He found a lump and referred me.

I had 2 mammograms and a scan. A cluster of cysts were found with one alot denser than the others. It was aspirated and the radiologist said she had no concerns. 

  • However I still feel as though there is something wrong. I know it sounds silly but I can’t shake it that there is still something there in my breast.

Is this a normal feeling or am I overthinking it? I feel a bit foolish to be honest and have not spoken to my family or anyone about this feeling. 


Sounds like you have been through all the tests you possibly can and have faith in your Breast Clinic, but just keep an eye on things for changes 

I’m not an expert on here and going through abit of turmoil myself but I wonder if you are more emotionally affected with a family history of it? These ladies on here provide such amazing advice and im sure there is some help you can contact…

All the best x

Hi Anna

This nagging fear can feel relentless and, given your family history, it’s hardly surprising you are so fearful. There is nothing silly or foolish about it but I assume you wouldn’t feel comfortable discussing it with your family? My mother was one of seven sisters. Three of them had breast cancer, my mother twice. There is no rule that says you will be unlucky and get it because it’s in the family. 

As Bluecat has said, you’ve had the tests, you’ve had what is considered the necessary treatment and now it’s time to trust the specialists. 

What was aspirated from your cysts was probably sent to histology as routine so this would pick up on any missed abnormality. However, these people do know what they are looking for, the varying combinations of symptoms and what differentiates cysts, fibroadenoma and tumours. They also understand about family links. They always err on the side of caution and it would be exceptional for someone to be discharged if there were any doubts.

Personally, I think you would benefit from having a good talk to people who understand. It’s unlikely to be family and friends (it’s hard to find someone who understands, hence the forums) and it’s well-nigh impossible to reach a GP for a good face-to-face talk. I’d suggest you ring the nurses at the number above. They can be very helpful and reassuring. They may suggest other sources of help (you don’t say how recently your mother or sister were diagnosed but support is available for family from many sources). This is going to keep nagging away at you, and you’re probably prodding and poking your poor breasts till they do protest, so do try to talk it through with someone who may be able to ground you.

The alternative would be to go privately and have a full consultation and tests again. If it would ease your mind and you can afford it, perhaps that would convince you you are physically healthy. But nothing really is going to reassure you until you are in another mindset. One of the BCN nurses might help you with that.

I wish you all the best and hope you can move on from your scare and relish the knowledge that it was benign cysts.

Jan x

Thank you both for taking the time to reply. If this feeling continues I will contact the nurses here xx

Hi Anna I’ve just read your post and if you’re concerned go for a second opinion if you are able to go private. You are not being foolish or over thinking things go with your instinct! I was in a similar situation but it was my father who had BC and I wasn’t happy with my original diagnosis and got a second opinion, it was the best £550 I’ve ever spent in my life. good luck and I hope you find peace with what you decide. Hugs xxx