Still hate hair and reconstruction!

Just hate my hair still…10mths post chemo…
It’s curly and short and i hate it!

I hate my new ‘breast’ still…and the other one isn’t much better (haven’t got total symmetry at the end of all that surgery!)

I really do not like myself at the moment…i feel that everyone is doing better than me, and is far more interesting for some reason.

I am job hunting at the mo. and still haven’t found anything to apply for, so doing lots of voluntary work to fill the gap on my cv.

Just feel generally rubbish and no-one cares or understands at all…

I am 5 years post chemo and my hair is very thin and about 2 inches long. Yes that is it and I hate it but have had to get use to it and if you look at the whole picture is it that important
also my ld flap recon has shrunk alot and I am waiting for an implant and from asking to when it will be done, August this year, I will have waited 13 months. My clothes do not fit right and I get so fed up with it all
So remember you are not the only one. There are alot of people feeling like you do may be worth finding a support group so you can meet up with other people or contact your BC nurse all the best you can send me a P M if you need to talk more
love Louise

Hi Naz

I’m only a month post-chemo so obviously my hair is totally crap, but I understand how you feel about your body. I had mx and am so thoroughly sick of being ill and mutilated that I don’t think I’ll ever have reconstruction. I hate having one boob. I hate that I’ve had to give all low-cut tops to charity. I hate the fact there are so many clothes I can’t wear because I look like a freak (I still only have a softie 8 months post-surgery, can’t bring myself to go and get a prosthesis fitted).

I get through it by remembering how much worse everything could be. I thank god (or whoever) that I had the chance to lose a breast rather than my life (although naturally that’s still in the balance).

On a practical note, can you ask your BCN or onc about your hair, and your surgeon about your reconstruction? Is there anything that can encourage hair growth and is it possible to even things up?

I really hope you find a way through. A new job sounds like an excellent start - keep looking, it’s hard at hte best of times to find a new job so give yourself enough time, don’t be too hard. xxxx Jane

NAZ, I can’t add anything but hugs as I’m at the other end, but you could do with a hug, so please take this one.


i just wanted to send you a hug. take one day at a time its hard i know but there will be a end to all this,

love and hugs

Thanks for your replies.

I think i am just tired and worn out with the relentless stuff to do with kids. We rarely get a break as my family are miles away, and the children are being really challenging at present (aged 6 and 3).

Also, the tamoxofin has caused my periods to be all over the show…since Friday i have had tummy pains, last period was 8 weeks ago now. I cannot stand all this irregularity, i just want things back the way they were.