Still in pain after mastectomy

Had mastectomy and sentinel nodes removal Wednesday 7th February.
I’m still very sore and sometimes in pain. Taking paracetamol codeine and ibuprofen.
Just really wondering if this is normal. Dr Google :see_no_evil:says not always painful and I should be getting better now.
I do have a lot of bruising.
I’m doing my exercises as told to.
Got a waterproof bandage on my wound which means I can see my scar and at the minute it’s not pretty.
All I suppose I want someone to tell me is if its still ok to be in pain 4 days later.
Thanks for listening x

Hi Clobo,

You’re still very early days, 4 days is very little time for very much to have happened since the op.

If it’s of any help … I had my mastectomy 2 weeks ago . I’ve still plenty of bruising and some swelling, random parts are still numb, especially around the armpit area. I had sentinel node taken too.

I do now get some stabbing pains like pin pricks, but they are random and was told this is just the nerve endings waking up. I am also still sore in parts.

I don’t though have any pain, as I would class it - no constant pain that doesn’t ease up.

May be I’ve just been fortunate but I haven’t needed to take any pain killers at all.

I saw my BCN 10 days after my op, she removed the clear waterproof dressing and did a would check, I was told all is fine. I’ve got a seroma but again “as expected” according to my BCN, it’s all around the wound and moves a bit - like gently pushing on a hot water bottle ! But it doesn’t need draining, just got to let the body deal with it over time.

I was also told that it can 6 to 8 weeks to all properly settle down and to wait that long before buying a new bra ! I’m currently using a post mastectomy bra front fastening from Nicola Jane.

I’m doing my exercise as instructed, originally five times a day, now three times. I’m also getting out and walking, originally just round the block, to the paper shop sort of thing just to keep everything moving. I do find that helps too.

I’m not sure if this helps you at all - it’s just my experience.

If you’re in constant pain and/or worried about it you might want to have a word with your BCN - when are you due to see them again ? I found them much better than Dr Google :rofl:

Bee 2 xx

I had partial mastectomy and SN removal on Thursday afternoon. Was let home from hospital 1 1/2 hours after surgery and fainted when I got home so have been told complete bed rest for 3 days. I’m feeling very under my arm and feel like my chest is about to explode with pressure. Hopefully everything eases for us both soon. Sending hugs.

Thanks for your reply.
No not constant pain. Painkillers definitely work. It’s just it’s weekend and noone to ask. I will ring nurses tomorrow.
Just think maybe we’re all different in pain thresholds :rofl:

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Oh yes please :smiling_face:
It’s such a peculiar pain especially under my arm . Numb but painful.
Sure we’ll get there in the end :smile:

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Exactly how you describe the pain. Just glad this part is over as waiting times in our trust long. Red flagged 10th November and surgery 8th February. NHS has been amazing but at breaking point xxx

I live up north. Diagnosed 19th December. Mastectomy 7th February.
Can’t fault NHS really good :+1:

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Clobo1 sorry to hear your in pain had mastectomy /lymph node removal October
Didn’t have much pain but bruising and swelling numbness in armpit , think it is early days you do get all sorts of weird sensations in wound it’s all part of the healing process I was told , if no improvement speak to your BCN
Hope all goes well take care x

They recommend 6 weeks recovery. I was still in pain with mine for a fortnight or so when I moved into certain positions. Give yourself time. I know what you mean about worrying over the weekend, I had my op on a Friday.