Still keeping Stable Mabel after 4 years of secondaries!

Just had the amazing news that I’ve had my 9th consecutive NED scan since finishing Taxol and Avastin in November 08. I had really convinced myself it wouldn’t be good news this time as my immune system hasn’t been great over the past year so I’m just coming round to believing it myself!
I had to laugh when discussing with my onc. how hard emotionally it is in the run-up to the 6monthly scans and he said “Well at least it’s only twice a year you have to worry!!” I think he was half-joking but I thought to myself you have no clue what us ladies go through every day thinking any twinge might be the cancer and wondering how much time we have left.
Anyway my joie de vivre is gradually coming back as I just booked a holiday to Sardinia in July and lots of exciting things prior to that. I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for this site though over the past 9 years with BC even though I don’t post a lot these days.
Hope this can give hope to others. It’s tough but I know I’m so much happier and true to myself these days and really try and live for every day and enjoy the simple pleasures of friends and sharing.
Love and best wishes to all,
Anne xx

Wonderful news, and long may it continue. You’re a beacon of light for those in a dark place.

That is great news Anne - I know you have been through some tough times and to hear that you are really enjoying life and its simple pleasures :slight_smile: is so good. Is it something in the Surrey air??? When we got together at my place in 2008 there were 3 of you there who are doing so well now - yourself, Blondie & dm1968(dawn). I don’t think you all would have believed 4 years on you would still be here and reporting in with NED.


Hi Anne
That’s great news and thanks for sharing. I think we were diagnosed at a similar time and, as you say, even the oncs don’t understand what we live with on a daily basis. Enjoy all your treats and your holiday.
Long may your good news continue :slight_smile:
Nicky xx

hi Anne
that is really good news and great inspiration for those of us hoping to join the NED club.
Although the background worries never go away,I think we reach a point where we accept the dx and try to enjoy every day.I cope by planning enjoyable days and setting myself goals.I live on the coast so just a walk along the seafront makes me feel better and appreciate life.


I’m SO pleased for you Anne… :slight_smile: …and have a wonderful holiday…xx

Anne that’s really good news. I am sure you will enjoy Sardinia - it is really beautiful.

Hope we will see you again at a Bristol meet up one of these days.

Anne x

Anne - wonderful!! Great to hear Secondaries and NED!!

Sadie Xx Xx

Hi Anne,

What fanastic news and long may it last. It’s uplifting hearing other ladies stories.

Hope you have a brillant hoilday and you’re so right to enjoy the little things which seem to make the biggest difference.

Take care
Chris xx

Lovely to read this Anne :slight_smile:

Enjoy your holiday.

Julie xxx