Still miss my old body

Well, it’s been 3 years since LD Reconstruction of my left side and I still do miss my old body. It’s history for everyone now, old news, never mentioned, but when I am in the bath, well I miss it. The look and feel of my old natural breast, the same one which was trying to kill me I guess!! Life is good, I am seeing the kids blossom, I don’t feel as angry as I once did and the sadness is lifting, But bath and shower times, they are hard! Bra shopping is tough too. The feel of that alien implant annoys me at times, but it seems a small price to pay for life. Not surer of the purpose of this post really, suppose I just wanted to say that after everything, I do miss my complete whole body, the one which was healthy.

Hi Naz


I’ve just read this


Thought it might strike a chord for you too.


Take care.