Still no Clinic date

I would just like to start by saying what a fantastic site and support mechanism this is. What a wonderful bunch of ladies.
I went to Docs this week. My left breast felt a little tender and on examining I felt a lump. Was so hoping she would say it was nothing to worry about, but she has referred me and wouldn’t give any indication on what it could be.
I just want this appointment ASAP. Still waiting for letter, only been 4 days and to me it seems a lifetime!. I called the clinic to check the Doc had done referral and she has. So should hear something soon. In the meantime, my left breast lump seems to be getting more tender as time goes on. Wouldn’t mind, but it is my constant reminder that I have a lump and brings all negative thoughts into my head. Got no other symptoms than lump and pain. But it is going to be dealt with.
I have come to terms that, yes I have a lump, and from the initial shock it is getting easier. Keeping busy really does help.
All the best to anyone else who is waiting and good luck. Big thanks to you all on here. Your comments and support have helped me immensely.
D x


So sorry to hear you are going through this scary time. You GP wouldn’t be able to tell you what your lump might be, so she has done the best thing she could for you by referring you. I was referred by my GP and Breast Clinic appointment was the following week. I think the guidelines specify no more than 2 weeks for appointment, but it does seem to vary from area to area. The fact that the clinic has your referral letter is good and hopefully you will be getting your appointment letter very soon.

When we are aware that we have a lump, it does seem to become more painful, bigger, and our minds go into overdrive and makes us think the worst. Waiting is awful as you just want to get it sorted out. Try to remember that the majority of breast lumps are benign and that it is quite possible that you don’t have cancer. However, I realise that the worry that it might be will give you sleepless nights. I’m glad you came to this site, the only other site worth visiting is the Macmillan site, DO NOT GOOGLE. Most of the info you find on there is either wrong or out of date.

sending (((BIG HUGS))) and hoping for a good outcome for you.

Poemsgalore xxx

hi daisypegs
its dreadful having to wait, we all want answers yesterday, all kinds of other aches and pains seem to appear, our imaginations run wild…
all i can say is try to do something that can help take your mind of it for short periods of time, go to bed when you are tired enough to sleep so that you dont lay thinking for too long, try to be with other people, they can distract your thoughts for you, anything that keeps you busy is good.
My letter took forever to come, in fact it just felt like it did, but then when things get going they move fast, so good luck with the wait, hopefully it will be good news.
Let us know how you get on,
kindest wishes
angie xx

Thank you so much ladies for your support. I have been keeping busy and napping when I feel tired. Emotional exhaustion probably. Two of my amazing friends are on stand by and have offered to come with me when I get my appointment. So I know someone will be with me. My parents are in Italy for 5 weeks so I have decided not to tell them at the moment. Apart from on here very little people know. There is no point in worrying them and the more people I tell, the chances are they’ll find out. No news is good news, I believe.
I will keep you informed of any updates and thank you again for your lovely replies.
D x

I’m in the same position. I would say I’m in a state of shock. I have joined this community forum because I can’t speak to real people about it. Just makes it too real. Only been to my gp today but already feels like I’ve been waiting a lifetime for an appointment.

Hi Alilou
So sorry you are going through the same agonising wait. I was hoping my letter would come today, but it hasn’t. Just want this over with so I can get on with life or crack on with any bad news that awaits. We need to bear in mind that the statistics that we have nothing are on our side. Try to stay positive. The first few days were awful but it is getting easier. The day of the appointment I will be very nervous but at least I will know. When the GP refers us we think the worse but they don’t know what we have so in some respect its good they don’t say you have nothing and send us away. We will be in the experts hands. I told my work colleagues yesterday and one of them said they had previously been referred as they found a lump and the other said his wife had too. Both turned out to be nothing. So it is normal for the referral and more popular to be referred than we think. One of them was only at the clinic a few hours. Consultant gave examination and mammogram got the all clear and was sent home. She said I will be amazed at the amount of women up there having the same done. So please talk to people. Took me a while but it does help.
Keep in touch and let me know how you get on. Wish you all the very very best.
Love D x

The 21st May is the day of my appointment at breast clinic. Feeling very relieved I have a date and will be in very good hands. Very much hoping for good news. If not, then things will get moving quickly. I will be incredibly nervous on the day. Will try and keep busy until then. Your positive stories and comments are wonderful. Will let you know how I get on.
D x

Please do Daisypegs, that is good news indeed that you have your appointment. Wishing you luck, and hoping for a good outcome for you.

PG xxx