still not made mind up about chemo

Hi ladies

Saw onc yesterday she informed me that my tumor was only 2.5mm not 6mm as first thought it was her+2 er+PR+ k14712% grade 2 intermediate. Node clear I am in the grey area as to weather to do chemo . Have 1% chance of recurrence. But if I want the herceptin to treat the her+ it goes with chemo I will still need rads and tamoxin. I asked the onc what she would do and she couldn’t answer . I still don’t know what to do ,scared if I do and scared if I don’t. In for a few sleepless nights me thinks.

Hi budcat,
They never really gave me the option,so due round 3 of 6 chemo next Thur. My tumour was 10mm I think,1 lymph node involved,grade 3 invasive ductal,her2+ & er+ so will follow with the same as you - herceptin for 1 year,3wks of rads,tamoxifen for 5-10years. Even though the lump is removed they said they are using chemo to zap any stray cells that they cannot see & reduce the risk of it coming back,plus I’m young so throwing everything they can at it because they can I guess! Hope this helps x

How many of you ladies have managed to carry-on working while doing chemo?

Hi ladies
I’ve been offered pax and herceptin I have read about the side effects and it all sounds a bit difficult ,is it possible just to have a few effects or would I be right in thinking that most people get all of them at some point through the treatment

Hi bid at sorry you’ve found yourself here. I was also borderline so my hospital did a Ki67 on my lump to see if it would respond to chemo which came back positive. I stated 6 sessions of fec on 2nd April and have round three this Wednesday. Its difficult to predict how it will mske you feel bur my suseceffscrs have befn minimal and i have continued to work full time in quite a stressful job I take each chemo day and the 2 days after off sick and then work from home on days 9 and 10. It is important to me to keep life as normal as possible and I feel that if I sat at home I would feel worse, being busy and focused on something that is not breast cancer has really helped. I would suggest you speak to your once again and see if there are any other tests they can do to see the benefits. It’s a tough decision but one only you can make. Wishing you all the best sxx

Hi budcat,with ‘FEC’ chemo I get a bad week,then a few days where you have to be careful as your immunity is so low,then a good/normal week leading up to the next round. My breast care nurse advised me not to work due to the risk of infection & letting people down (I work with adults with learning disabilities ) and at the time of DX my little girl was 18months so I’ve had my hands full anyway! I am moving onto ‘tax’ chemo soon which I think that’s what you said you will be on?. So can’t really help you there at the moment. Like another lady said its not a walk in the park but the more crap I feel the more satisfied I am that every little bit is being zapped away! X

Hi ladies

Have come to a decision I will be doing pax and herceptin and tomoxafin and rads.
Go to see onc on Friday so I don’t know yet how long before I start ,
rather nervous about it
All . Have noted your comments about working ,think I will just have to see how it goes
(I’m no spring chicken 'what do they say now 50s are the new 40s I wish).
I least I know why to get good support and understanding. Thank you

Not like you Rosie! But then you have really been put through your paces this time haven’t you! Keep thinking of your sons wedding - it’ll be here before you know it!
Well done budcat! Hope today goes well & you get all the answers you need xxx