Still painful and lumpy

Hi everyone, my first time on any forum so I hope I get it right. 
I’m coming up to 5 years since completing chemo and radiotherapy and had a lumpectomy and reconstruction. The past 2 years my breast gets very lumpy and painful with terrible pain in my rib cage. It’s burns and throbs nearly all the time now.  I’m seeing a lymphatic nurse and she has advised manual drainage of my lymph nodes which I’m doing. I just wondered if anyone else had these problems?

thanks in advance. 

Hi, it’s 4 years since my lumpectomy and full node clearance and I’ve developed lymphodaema with accompanying enlargement and pain in torso. I have been provided with a compression sleeve and have been taught how to self massage to help drainage. I do this each morning in the shower, then each night as I get changed for bed. Around my torso is quite swollen, so I’m now in the position of my bras being very tight, so I’ve resorted to pull on bras which my lymphodaema nurse quite admired! The pain in my ribs eases with massaging, so when I feel it jabbing I raise my arm and have a few minutes massaging up and then down which seems to help. It was hell in the summer with bulging out of my sleeveless summer stuff. I think I’ll be treating myself to a new wardrobe this year. Ah well, every cloud and all that… x