still scared but have new dilemma

I know I should be able to make a decision but Ive tried and cant. after my scan last week been called back to see doc/ultrasound etc. was going to go by myself but my daughter has seen letter and wants to come? she is only 19, been through so much lately and although I long to hold her hand am terrified the news will be bad and how will she cope? it feels wrong to put her through that but she says shes coming,please, your comments and thoughts would be most appreciated x

That’s a hard one but i think if it was me i’d let her come with u. She obviously wants to help u through this but only u will know how or if she will be able to cope. She sounds quite adamant & maybe she feels that going with u will make her feel as if she’s doing something as i think family members often feel useless & don’t know how to help. Hope u can come to a decision, let us know how u get on x

Hi, I am new on here. My appt for mammo, ultrasound etc was yesterday. My daughter is 19 in December and was also like your daughter. She even booked the day off her work as soon as I got the letter.

Yesterday was tough but I had my mum, dad and daughter. It was tough for her but she so wanted to be there. The nurses were excellent with her.

I have breast cancer and my daughter was there when I was diagnosed and I was glad she was. She is my world.

Nothing would of stopped her coming along.

Hope hearing this helps.


Hi, I was in the same boat as yourself. My daughter is 19 in December and as soon as I had the letter with my appointment she booked the day off her work. I was lucky and also had my parents with me.

When I heard the diagnosis my mum and daughter were then called into the room and the nurses were so nice to my daughter.

She was going to come with me whether I wanted her to or not so I let her make the decision. She is my world. Since being diagnosed she has her ups and downs but that is expected.

Hope this helps a bit.

Oops, sorry for double post. I thought my first one had gone into cyber space :o)

thank you, thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts, it has helped me realise and accept that its so natural, as you know, to want to protect them, our little girls, but the time has come, in the crueliest way, to allow her to be the grown up, loving support she so wants to be, x

When I was diagnosesd in March this year, my 18 year old daughter was with me (my husband died in February this year), you can imagine hearing her Mom had breast cancer just a couple of weeks of her Dad passing away from a heart attack was very traumatic but I knew she needed to be there. Good luck, let us know how you get on luv Karen (eddyclan)