Still so tired after surgery - is this to be expected?

I had my first operation - lumpectomy - on 27 April and, due to unsatisfactory margins,  a second operation on 25 May - removal of DCIS, reconstruction. Both ops were day cases, obviously I had a general anaesthetic on both occasions. No complications and surgeon confirmed I was healing well.

A month down the line I am okay but had not expected to be still so lacking in energy. I am retired, luckily, and have mostly just been pottering about at home. Yesterday I went out for a short drive, the day before was a hospital appointment (hour each way) and then a small supermarket shop. Today I am bushed, frankly, started a small sweep of our patio but ugh, too much, stopped. 
Maybe I am expecting to get over these ops quicker than I have, I know I am not the most patient person on the planet, but I would be interested to learn how others have found the recovery process? At 60 I am not a spring chicken, just expected to have a little more “bounce” by now. 

I’m sorry you are still feeling so rubbish , 2 major operations in a month gives your body quite a lot to deal with add the impact all the emotional stress has on your body and it’s really not surprising you feel exhausted .Give yourself time , if you are not feeling better in a month maybe run it past your surgeon or GP but very probably this is just your body recovering from alot of physical and emotional stress .