Still very worried

I’m 32. Last week,my partner said he saw a dent in my breast (he also mentioned he had noticed it for a while) so I went to the GP who checked and referred me right away to the breast clinic. I was lucky to get an appointment yesterday.


I saw the consultant who physically examined me and said it was normal. It felt like he didn’t really check the area and dismissed me right away. He said that if there was a problem the indent wouldn’t be on the side of the breast and it would go in more? Currently it looks like a thumb print in my breast, as if someone left a mark like pkayfough. He then appeared a little annoyed saying he couldn’t feel any lumps so it must be ligaments etc etc. There was no scans and we were sent on our way. Although I was initially happy with the news, some part of me is still wondering if I should be worried? It still looks like a dent when I sit upright and when I raise my arms above my head it looks worse.


Is this normal? Or should I go back to my gp? Very worried ?


Sorry to hear you are having this worrying time.

I think if you are still worried it may be worth going back to GP to see if you can have scan/mammograms or go through the consultants findings in more depth to really put your mind at rest. I have read there are benign conditions that can cause this. Remember most things do turn out to be benign ?.

Hope you get on ok xx




I hope you are feeling more reassured.  I know how you feel as the same thing happened to me a couple of years ago, turns out it was nothing.  

I have an appointment tomorrow for a new lump in the other breast, I was honestly going to cancel as I am worried of having a repeat experience.  

If you are still concerned go back to your gp.  Try and take comfort in the vast experience of the consultants though.

Take care  x