Still waiting

Sorry for the whinge here but how the heck do people cope with waiting… I am trying to keep busy not think but it’s now a week I am running out of things to keep my mind occupied and I have got to the point where I am sick of everyone saying no news is good news… Ijust want news … Good or bad I can cope with bad news but I can’t cope withe not not knowing … I am now worrying they have lost my results my letter has got lost in the post. I know this is so trivial compared to what everyone diagnosed is going through Just feel like I am in limbo … Can’t plan anything in case I get bad news don’t want to build up my hopes for good news in case I am wrong. Am going out to my friends today for gossip and cake … Am now worried cos I won’t be here when postman comes or if bc nurse rings … I was told either could happen. Am so sorry for whining on about something so trivial but feel like I am going to burst and don’t want my family to worry anymora than they are. Doing already? I even phoned my gp to see if he had heard but nothing…

Oh Madhelen, really feel for you it’s an awful time and as you say no matter how busy you try to be, IT keeps creeping into your head. Here’s hoping that your news will be good, take care and sending you lots of hugs xx

It’s certainly not trivial hunni and waiting is the absolute pits no matter how much you try and take your mind off things IT is always there. Have you tried giving your BCN another call? Here’s hoping for good news for you and hope it comes very soon.

Thank you both for your answers… Am I missing something … My bcn …? Umm I was told I needed the extra mammo and biopsy in a letter after my initial mammo which was followed with an appt letter that was whipped off me when I arrived at my hospitals radiology dept I then had the mammo was told I needed the biopsy after all. and was then shuffled out with a … We will let you know either by letter or a bcn will phone you. I have no contact details no info … I found out everything I know about mammos and biopsies on here. :frowning:

Don’t want to give you false hope but in my experience a positive biopsy usually gets a call within the week - if it’s negative they usually leave it longer and don’t make such a fuss about the result.

Sorry, bcn is breast care nurse…I thought you’d seen one after you’d been back for second visit xxxx

I did but she didn’t give me any advice a phone number or anything… In fact all she did was pat my shoulder and told me I had been such a good patient re the biopsy…
I think either I don’t come across as needing any help or they don’t think I have anything wrong just hope it’s the latter cos I feel totally lost regards me at the moment
Thanks for replying
Helen x

I can only share my experience with you but I was dx last year and from the word go my feet didn’t touch the floor, I was told my results on the day…unfortunately positive for BC… have you phoned your BCN as my experience is that you must phone them…only my experience mind…you cannot be blamed for worrying…the waiting room is an awful place to be…as KF says a positive biopsy gets a really speedy response…here’s hoping for you the outcome will be the door marked freedom…M

Hya Helen, the waiting is endless, I had to wait two week for my results and then for the mtd meeting for them to discuss my results, I went back to see a breast surgeon on Friday last week, three pathologists have looked and all said abnormal so have got to have the area removed by a localised wire biopsy on the 19th, they will then be hopefully to diagnose whatit is, hope you get the results soon, take care, xxxxx sara

Oh Sara that’s a long wait and yet another biopsy hope you get a definite diagnosis on the 19th… And a good diagnosis…I had my initial mammo …a week later I got the letter saying come for more mammos and a biopsy then was told if the mammos were normal no biopsy needed… Then after mammos the biopsy was needed… Had that now not heard a thing … But if you waited 2 weeks then I have Another week to go…
Good luck and thanks for replying
And thanks to everyone else who has replied
Helen xxx

The problem is Helen is if it’s still not quite benign but can’t confirm that’s it’s anything, that’s where the waiting starts , that’s what I’v found anyway, the surgeon has said that the likely hood of finding a small cancer or dcis is quite high, but can’t confirm till they have taken it out, xxx

iv also been waitin 2 very long weeks 4 results went 4 mamo ultrasound n biopsis on aug 30th b4 i left got told its bad news looks like cancer results will b 2 to 4 weeks yeah great do they realise how hard the waitin is i was given a fone num 4 breast care nurse which wasnt in use wen i foned just my luck i foned on a dif num yesday with a mixed message they said my results were back then said theyd b back fri???n to fone on mon morn to get an app to cum in in discuss a treatment plan but they didnt think there was a clinic next week so looks like im gonna b another week not knowing i dont no how they can put people through all these weeks of agony of not knowing im gonna fone again tomor n if i dont get anywhere im gonna go back to docs x

I am sending all you ladies still wating a massive hug.
Like Applestreet, although I have just recently been diagnosed I feel like everything was dealt with quickly.

  • Mammogram on 19th July
  • seen in the Breast assessment clinic on 6th August where following the FNA and biopsy they were able to tell me there was cancer there and allocated a BCN
  • seen the Breast surgeon 15th August who told me the results of the biopsy
  • had my WLE (lumpectomy) and SNB on 28th August
  • had my return visit to the Breast surgeon 11th Sept where I was given the results and my hormone therapy prescription
  • just got an appointment for a bone density scan due to hormone therapy prescribed on 1st October
  • awaiting an oncologist appt to discuss my raidotherapy
    On 8th August I had a hysterectomy (was due to be a oophectomy for other reasons but due to diagnosis amended on the day of the operation) which I am sure took my mind off everything between diagnosis and surgery but I wouldn’t suggest it to everyone.
    Even people who have had their diagnosis have all had some kind of wait and we all know what its like.
    The feeling of not knowing is awful, for me it seems like if I don’t know I don’t have any control and that sends my brain into overdrive.
    Hope you get your results sorted out soon and wishing you the best of luck

i went back to c doc today got summat to help me sleep cos since finding the lump on aug 19th iv hardly had any. he also gave me somethin to help get me through next couple of weeks and he got in touch with my consultants sec they havnt got my results back yet dosnt look like they have even been prosessed been a delay in lab he said hosp should b sending me an app in post 4 sep 26th 4weeks since my biopsy then he told me that goin by the ultrasound it didnt look like it was anything sinister which is strange as wen i left the consultant 2 weeks ago he said it was bad news it looked verry much like cancer so now just wen i thought my head couldnt get any worse its even more messed up wish i never went today now x

Hi shawshankredemption

I am sorry to read you are having such a worrying time at the moment. If you need some additional support or just to talk things through please don’t hesitate to contact the helpline on 0808 800 6000. Here you can share your concerns with someone who will offer you emotional support as well as practical information. The lines are open Monday to friday 9 to 5pm and Saturday 10 to 2pm

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Hi Mad helen, sure shankredemption etc
In my experience once I had been diagnoded (June) everything sped along at an alarming rate. Prior to that I had had much reassurances that this would most likely be nothing etc and many favourable statistics etc (Dont wish to scare anyone) But I have to say that I have now had a bilateral mastectomy and have had two lots of chemo and for me persoanally the worst bit so far (by far) has been the waiting for results and being given the diagnosis. My sister has been through the same (age 35, Im 41_ and she told me the same it doesnt get worse than that bit! For you ladies it may well be absolutely nothing (I so hope that) but if it is and youre like me the treatment whatever that entails will be easier than that damn waiting when you dont know what youre facing (if anything at all) but your mind makes it into all sorts of stuff
Good luck
mandy xxx

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This is my first time on site, the information is very helpful, I am 47 years old, I had mama because I had a lump then got a called back for further slids on the 4th, then they said I needed a scan - the Radiologist doing the scan said its a cyst but they have seen calcifications he said not to worry but they would do a biosy, I again get called into the mamo room for the core biosy the nurse doing the biosy starts explaining all this stuff about the calcium has grown from last mamo and that i must remember that if it is cancer it is in the very early stages etc two other nurse where with her, I had the biopsy etc on the and she said if its clear I will get a letter if not I will get a letter to call me back in. On the 13th I receive a letter saying I have to come in and see an associate specialist on the 18th at 17;20pm. I am really scared, I am mostly wheelchair bound have crps, CFS, waiting for bilateral shoulder reconstructions and bowel surgery plus we have had to move out of our home for a third time in three years due to massive damp issue that insurance have fail to repair. I am trying to stay positive because I just cant belive I can have one such bad luck. I am thinking of phoning to ask for results but then dread if its bad new because I would be totally devastated and unprepared. No family history of Bc never smoked, not a heavy drinker, had my children early and breast fed both and only take prescribed drugs. When they did they Core biosy they took 5 samples and some calcification. Reading up I am pre menepausal and only 10% of women in this age group have cacifications JUST my luck