Still waiting

still waiting on my appointment, had a letter telling me there will be delays due to covid so my panic is rising. I have also noticed a discoloured red blotchy area on the same breast I have the indent so feeling sick with worry. Looks like lots of spider veins. Has anyone experienced an indent tbat has turned out to be benign? So scared xx 

Hi fk101722 - I’m so sorry to read your post and sending you a big hug. Any waiting is just so so hard isn’t it. For your own sanity maybe you can call your GP’s secretary or the hospital itself to chase it up, just say you are worried that perhaps it has been lost in the post? How long have you been waiting?

While you wait you need to try to take one day at a time, definitely stay away from Dr Google who really doesn’t know you and your specific case and be kind and gentle to yourself. Someone suggested to me that I set aside a “worry time” each day, say 3-3.30pm, when I would allow myself to worry. So if I started worrying at noon I would tell myself that I wouldn’t think about it then, I’d wait til 3 - and the chances are I would have forgotten about it by then. I don’t know if that makes any sense, it’s not always easy but it did help me. Another great book told me that “Fears are NOT facts”.

I hope someone will be along to chat further, but you might want to call the lovely nurses on the number at the top right of this page. Or if I can help in any way, even just to listen, please come back and chat. I very much hope that you will get some reassurance very soon. Evie xx