Still wondering if it's worth it

Still wondering if it’s worth it

Still wondering if it’s worth it Hi

I think I just need a moan. I’m about nine weeks post op now and still wondering if it was worth it. The scars are bigger than I expected. I know they will fade but I was hoping to have my cleavage back and I don’t think that will be possible as the scar is quite high.

The pain in the operation area has more or less gone, thank goodness but this week I was diagnosed with phleblitis brought on by the cannula whilst in hospital. My whole arm feels like it’s on fire and I’m off work again which means that I’m just sitting around feeling sorry for myself. Every day I think to myslef it will get better tomorrow but so far it hasn’t improved despite antibiotics.

It might be hard to believe but I’m usually such a positive person. I’ve definitely found this harder to pick myslef up from than the original cancer treatment.

Sorry for the moan.

Hi Sharon,

I had phlebitis in my good arm stemming from my second to last chemo, I found that wrapping a cold pillowcase quite tightly round it helped…for some reason the pressure made it ache less. I tried using one of those tubugrip bandages for when I was out of the house - just make sure it’s not too tight…not as good as the pillowcase though!

Antibiotics got rid of the phlebitis itself but the irritation and aching took longer to go away, -about two months - and even now, six months later, the site is still a bit numb…