still worried

still worried

still worried hello,
i am still really worrying in regard to the terrible almost constant pain i am getting in my left breast but over a year ago i had a mammogram, ultrasound and fna on a nodule (thats what they called it) lumpy area.
i only found the lump asa the pain had come on - i had never had painful breasts before, so when it lessened i just thought i better have a check and found this lumpy area / nodule.

no proper answer from breast consultant, not a cyst not in fact anything i have read up on so im left with this worrying feeling of what is it.

the pain isnt cyclical and at the moment has lasted badly for weeks, cant even have duvet covering it, children know not to even cuddle me as the pain is too bad, its a constant pain and also sometimes feels very sharp almost like the lumps themselves are made of glass.

i went to a breast charity last year after the usual tests and the nurse said it was some kind of drainage problem (sounds like i need a plumber!!!) it also feels like when i was breast feeding at times as i must admit have been too scared to do any more breast checks as the breast just feels to painful and full, and after the initial scare and waiting for results last year im kind of sticking my head in the sand a bit , but the pain just gets worse and the worry is creepingback again
it sometimes affects my armpit and just to lift my arm up really hurts.

any advise would be appreciated as now im starting to worry again and thinking what if all the time.

thanks for r eading

Oh dear, you’re just like me. See my post below (Would you relax?) for a description of mine. Like you, I only found the ‘lumps’ when the pain started up, and like you, I have no cysts, no nothing except ‘extra cells’. And what I have is invisible to mammography and ultrasound.

The worry is not good, though. Can you go back, and ask for a biopsy, to confirm there is nothing to worry about? From your description of the pain, are you certain there is no infection? It could be something as simple as that.

You need some reassurance, though. I’m sorry you’re going through this.


Sorry, I must learn to read. You’ve already had a FNAC.

I would keep pushing for some answers, though. If it’s fibrocystic (albeit possibly with no cysts!) they might be able to give you something to treat it.