Stomach kicking/ bubbling/spasms on Taxotere???

Hi All,

I am currently on cycle 7 of 8 chemos for breast cancer, I had 4 EC and I’ve had 3 taxotere, only one more to go…yah!!!

Anyway, I’m getting some really weird stomach bubbling almost constantly, it feels like I have a baby in there kicking/fluttering around, I’ve even done a few pregnancy tests, although I haven’t had unprotected sex and they are all negative, has anyone experienced this feeling on chemo???
I’m really fretting that something strange is happening, what if the cancer has spread to my stomach??? I raised it with oncology last month and they say it’s “prob” just the side effects of chemo which doesn’t really put my mind at rest, I haven’t heard of anyone else with these symptoms!

My bowels are pretty regular and my periods were also very regular until last month even on chemo but I’ve missed a period which has made me even more paranoid…I know they say chemo can make your periods irregular but is it possible for my periods to suddenly stop after 6 chemos???

Any suggestions/comments welcome, I’m driving myself crazy with worry!

Sam x

Hey Sam

I haven’t experienced the bubbling feeling you mention, but I’m sure a couple of girls on the ‘1st Chemo tomorrow’ thread have been talking about it just recently. Might be worth a look to see if their experience is like yours.


Hi Samantha
I’m at the same stage as you (4xFEC and so far 3/4 Taxotere) and although I haven’t had the symptoms you describe, I do get farts a lot more immediately after having a Taxotere and my doc keeps giving me lots of heartburn medication, so I think Taxotere is known to be a bit rough on the digestive system.

I would think it is just that playing up a bit and it will settle down soon.
Take care
Flora xx

Hi Sam.

As Flora says, Taxotere is very rough on the digestive system. I’m pretty sure what you’re experiencing are side effects. I know it won’t feel like it but you’ve been quite lucky to get this far with regular bowels and periods. Most of the women I know who’ve had Taxotere suffered terrible constipation and diarrhoea from either the Tax itself or the anti-sickness drugs. I once went to walk the dog on the golf course nearby and had the most excruciating run back to the house. Didn’t quite make it in time but fortunately there was no-one around but the dog to see (or smell) me.

Most women also lose their periods too. In younger women they come back but for older ones closer to natural menopause it is usually permanent.

I hope your last treatment is not too rough on you.

Jan xxx

Hi Sam,
I know exactly what you mean - Im on 5 out of 6 taxotere (last one this Thursday all being well :slight_smile: and get a very strange bubbling sensation in my lower ribs / stomache on my left side. Its such a strange sensation isnt it? There have been a couple of us who have discussed this in previous threads, so I dont think its that common, but certainly happens to some - Im just putting it down to one of the many side effects we get.
Try not to worry - Im sure its nothing sinister.

K x

Hi sam,

I’ve just read you’re post and remember feeling the same sensations while i was having chemo.It seems to affect the nerves, as i was also getting a kind of twitching sensation in my stomach.

Good Luck Lesleyxx

Thanks so much, I feel so much better already, I really thought I was the only ne having these weird stomach sensations!!!

God bless you all. x

Glad weve managed to make you feel a bit better about it! What would we all do without these forums?? No matter how lovely the Oncs and the nurses are, you cant ask them all the daft questions we ask each other at 10 at night or 3 in the morning, can we?!

I just finished my fourth and last chemo treatment of taxotere and cytoxin two weeks ago. My stomach/intestines something has twitched entire time. Feels just like baby kicking. Even tonight it’s been doing it the past hour. I’ve been trying to figure out why this is happening. I’m glad to see it appears to be pretty common. Thank for posting!! Good luck and God bless you!!!