Stomach mets

Has anyone been diagnosed with stomach mets? I may be panicking unnecessarily (hey, it goes with the territory!) as I had my gall-bladder out last year, and it could be related to that. I’m almost three years post op, and seemed to be sailing, until I started getting symptoms of loss of apetite and bloating again, like I had when the BC was cooking.
At least one (ironic) advantage of having cancer on your medical records is that they do seem to take vague symptoms more seriously. I’ve got an endoscopy and scan lined up already, so I’ve got my fingers cross it’s all going to turn out to be nothing. I know stomach mets are rare, and are usually from lobular BC - I had ductal. I just wanted to come on here and let it out, because this is the one place where people really understand.
Luv to all.

Hey Suzanne

Like you three years post op and under investigation for mets (waiting for liver results). Don’t have any answers, or knowledge about stomach mets so can’t give any reassurance but just wanted to say thinking of you and hang on in there.


Jane xx

Thanks Jane - best of luck to you too.

Well, it’s not fun for any of us to be under investigation again but fingers crossed it is nothing that needs treatment and so on…


Suzanne A I so hope all will be well. The problem with having had a cancer that always needs ruling out even if the problem is a twitch on the end of your nose.
It would be an unusual place to get it but needs investigating . That doesn’t help you in the waiting room yet again
My thoughts and everything crossed
Big hug

I’ve only just seen your post. I see there are no really recent posts and hope that means you are in the clear.
I do have a large tumor in my stomach - a secondary from lobular. having 18 weekly taxol - don’t know if it is doing any good yet.
My experience has not been as Cackles described - I find the last thing they consider is the fact that I have cancer. This is how my tumor got so large!!
Really hope you find there is no problem.