Stopped zolodex still on tamoxifen pre menopause

Hi all I don’t really no where to start I’ve tried reading all these forums for some kind of answer but everyone seems to be different 

My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in one breast but opted for both to be removed which was done she smashed it no problem and was back to work the next week. I couldn’t stop her lol 

She was put on zolodex and tamoxifen after surgery but had a hard time with the injections and did it for one year she had her last one at the end of may2023 but she is still taking the tamoxifen

So she’s now not had the injection for 8 weeks approx now and obviously it takes 4 weeks to get out of your system so she is now 4 weeks out of the injection my question is will it get better for her she seems so down she does not really seem to want to do anything she says her head seems all over the place with memory problems could this be due to her ovaries starting to work again she is 42 years old so I doubt she is in a natural menopause either I just feel useless and just want her to feel good again 

How long does it take for the side effects of the zolodex to wear off etc 

I love the women to bits and I can’t imagine my life without her i just want her to be her crazy loving self again I probably feel a bit selfish really by thinking that none of this is her fault at all I just want to be there for her ive been to every appointment since the start and tried everything i can think of to make her feel better but nothing really works 

I just hope this zolodex wears off and she feels a bit more like her old self again 

Hi Welcome . It’s wonderful that you are so supportive of your wife and trying to find ways to help . I think it can be just as hard to be the partner / family of the person with cancer as the person being treated . Your wife’s body has been in turmoil hormone wise over the past year and she is still taking Tamoxifen which can also impact on mood. Hopefully stopping the Zoladex will help, but it may take a little while for her body to adjust to this latest balance ? Sometimes the fact that you’ve been through cancer can hit you months later when your mind begins to process things , it could be that your wife is also now going through some of this too. There are nurses on the forum who you can post questions for , maybe you could ask about this ? You can also call them to talk things through which can be very helpful . Hope things improve for you both soon .