Stopping Anastrozole

I have been taking Anastrozole for 7 years! My oncologist said I could stop taking last week. I am hoping my side effects will subside very soon. My worst complaint is pain and burning on the top of my feet. I had cortisone shots in each toe knuckle…… very painful and it seems to be helping. The doctor said I have arthritis in my feet but it came on rather quickly. I do move slower and have brain fog off and on. I have detoxed my body for 5 months and that has helped. I got the Prolia injection twice a year, and that has kept my bones stronger. No real side effects from that. How long before I will feel less joint pain, etc? 7 years is a long time! I am 65 and was diagnosed 7 years ago. Chemo, radiation, lumpectomy 

Hi welcome to the forum . May be worth posting this in the hormone therapy section too ? Best wishes Jill x