Stopping bras riding up after mastectomy!

Stopping bras riding up after mastectomy!

Stopping bras riding up after mastectomy! Ok, so my Mum’s had the surgery and is coping extremely well. She even ventured out to Asda today! She has been having a problem with her bra - not with the foam part coming out, but with the side of the bra, where she’s had the mastectomy, riding up because, as she says, there’s nothing to stop it! Any handy hints from you lovely ladies?

Many thanks in advance!

B xx

Me too Hi B

Had my mastectomy in January this year and I still have the same problem! I personally cannot get on with my prosthesis and prefer to go ‘naked’ (not literally), so my bra is always riding up. I have tried various different types of bra and tend to favour sports bras, but cannot get round this problem.

Any advice/hints would be gratefully welcomed from me too.

Lynn x

It sounds like she has her ‘softy’ prosthesis at present. These are very light that could be why this is happening, though I don’t remember this problem personally.

Once she has her ‘proper’ one, usually filled with silicone, that is the same weight as her other boob, the problem should settle down then. I got my silicone boob at the hospital after 8 wks to give my wound time to heal first.

You can also get boobs that stick to your body but you can’t use these for a few wks / months after the op for healing reasons again.

Does her bra fit properly? I was wearing the wrong size which apparently 80% of us do!


Alter straps She’s probably already done this but try altering straps on mastectomy side to make them as long as possible. This helps to balance both sides and does sometimes help to stop the bra riding up. Failing that, different bras sometimes react differently. Is she still trying to wear her pre-surgery bras (didn’t work for me) or has she bought a mastectomy bra with pockets? (Amoena bras are good.) It might be worth asking her breast care nurse for advice. I’m glad she’s doing well. It all gets easier with time.

Best Wishes
Francine x

Thank you! Thank you all for replying! I’ll suggest the strap lengthening idea, Francine. She is using her pre-op bras and has been given a contact who sews pockets into them, so I think she’s hoping to stick with them.

B xx

Get a good bra Hiya

My advice to your Mum is to go out and get a really nice mastectomy bra, they are brilliant. My personal recomendation is Nicola Jane - web site and shop. Really nice fitting and NEVER ride up, they are really friendly and the owner has ‘been there’ so is talking from experience. They also sell swimmers, tops and prostheses…

Best wishes


I’ll tell her! Thanks, Jan.

I had actually sent for their catalogue before her op, so now I’ve got a personal recommendation, I’ll let her know.

Sarah x