Stopping Chemotherapy mid treatment

Hi, new to posting on the forum, my heads in the shed at the minute and thought I would give it a go hopefully to gain valuable feedback/ advise/ experience from others going through this awful time.


I have grade 3 invasive ductal cancer and I have had the all clear from my nodes so the cancer is totally confined to my breast, I have had 3 FEC and one T chemo and have another 3 T too go before I have the operation. My problem is I am really struggling after the chemo this last cycle has taken me nearly 9 days to recover and it floors me to the point I can not get out of bed. I feel my quality of life is suffering and this I find hard to cope with. I am considering stopping the chemo and just going for the op, i understand why they say I should have the chemo, that i will give a better outcome of the cancer not reaccuring, however the fact it is just in my breast and no were else makes me want to stop.


Has anyone else stopped midway, I am stressing myself more thinking of the next chemo :( 



I too was floored by the T part of my chemo treatment and after the first one did consider stopping, spoke to my Oncologist who agreed to lower the dosage to 75% and this helped a lot, still had SE’s but was at least able to function, so I would give your clinic a call and let them know how you are feeling.

Hugs and Best Wishes

Mary x

I had 3 fec and 4 t, was meant to have 7 t but asked to stop at 4 and go for surgery because I was unhappy how it looked. Turns out I done the right thing because it had stopped working and spread to skin.

I was and still am like you, every 3 weeks I struggle to get my head around the chemo, I’m now doing kadcyla forever.

I had to have the t reduced after first session because of severe back pain, and it helped tremendously. Please speak to your onc, mine is amazing! If they’re a good doctor they will listen and give you what you need to help you get through this as easy as possible.

By the way, I would never say anything bad about anybody wanting to give up because it is hellish and constantly want to run and hide to its over!

Massive hugs and good luck with whatever you decide to do xxxxx

Hi, I think I’m about to stop after 4 FEC. I’ve had enough, side effects have been awful, it’s completely broken me. I was due to have number 5 a couple of days ago but have an infection in my gums which is agony, on antibiotics and I’ve decided that is the last straw and I’m done.

last week when I asked the oncologist why I need 6 all she could say was it was protocol but there was no evidence for 6 instead of 4 and that my prognosis was good even just with hormone therapy (My cancer is 100% hormonally positive) I had surgery with clear margins and only 2 out of 13 nodes positive. Grade 2, stage 2b. I feel 4 is enough and just want to get on with radiotherapy now.

obviously there is that slight worry in the back of my mind that it may come back if I don’t do all 6 but then there are no guarantees either way and tbh I would rather take my chances now. I’m completely broken and spend most of my day crying. It’s a really tough decision to make and I admit I do waver, it’s so hard to know what to do without a look into the future. 


Hi All,


I too am seriously thinking of stopping treatment. At this moment I feel that the treatment is as worse as the disease. Had my op, followed by three FEC’s, last one finished last tuesday. three T’s should follow up as well as radiation and hormone therapy. The first two FEC’s weren’t too bad: I could still function on my own minimum goals ( walk the dogs twice a day, clean the most and cook dinner ) and sometimes even much better. But after the last one I feel awfull. Mouth is dry and sore all the time. I need to set the alarm clock to have drinks through the night. Left arm where IV’s are given is sore I cannot really fully use it. I am so tired I feel like a wreck. My head is a mess, can’t get my thoughts together at times. I lost muscle strength, keep dropping things all the time. Fingers turn into fat sausages all the time. Makes it hard using them properly.

I have breastcancer grade 2 stage IIB , two nodes affected. I do not live in the UK but abroad. Treatment seems to be pretty much the same. 

At this time my biggest worry is that, despite I would like to get better and live a happy life for the next years, the treatment with it’s side effects is causing so much damage to my body right now, and possibly even for the rest of my future. So should it be quantity or quality for the rest of my life?

Hi i too have really struggled with chemo and have been hospitalised twice and was ready to give up after round 3. I pushed myself to doing 4 as I felt safer doing that, and I had read some evidence aboit 4 being as effective as 6. I am having fec only and no tax so don’t know if it’s different for tax. I have now just had my 5th fec having battled with myself the past 3 weeks to decide if i could do it. Though I’m feeling pretty crappy right now am glad I’ve done it. Just need to tell my onc I’m not doing the last one now! Good luck with whatever u decide, maybe if u speak to your once they can review them one at a time like they did with me. I found it do much easier telling myself I only had one left to do rather than 2 or 3! X

That’s exactly how I felt I really really didn’t want to do number 5 my anxiety before it was awful, and I’ve not been much better later either. But in a few days I’ll be glad I’ve done it when I feel ok…hopefully :/i also done it for my kids as want to try my best to see them growing up but without killing myself in the process! As I feel the chemo was slowly killing me… but i am a drama ha! Ive been could capping too which hasn’t helped matters having to have my head frozen for 3 hours xx

Well I explained all to the Oncologist today.


The dreadful side effects I have had from the T, and the decision was taken from me. The Oncologist told me that the aim of my chemo is to get me to having my surgery and to do it with me being well enough for the surgery, so she made the decision to stop my chemo as she does not not want to kill me! I will find out when the lump is removed if I need any other chemo.


So for now I am going to enjoy the short time I have feeling normal before my surgery :slight_smile:


Hugs everyone x


Ah so pleased for you its such a relief when the oncologist agrees and gives their blessing. Good luck with the rest of treatment xx

Hey everyone I went for my 2nd T on Mon first one I was Neutropenic with a small reaction when I had it, so on Monday within 10 mins of it being started had severe reaction so they stopped it said I can’t have any more was supposed to be my second last treatment and totally gutted I can carry on seeing onc Monday to discuss next steps on treatment but the said its to risky to have any more doxetaxol :frowning: