Stopping Kadcyla Early

Hi all,
Ive got triple positive BC. Been on EC, paclitaxel, 4 phesgo injections then surgery.
Met with oncologist in the summer who told me i then had to do 12 rounds of kadcyla. Im nearly at the end but went to see the oncologist today. Saw someone different (who i have seen before, is lovely and very knowledgeable) because my oncologist was on holiday. I had asked if my zolatronic acid could be moved forward a week to coincide with my last kadcyla so i didnt need another visit to hospital. She then tells me that the end date i was gicen is wrong… i have another 6 weeks of treatment after that.
I was absolutely devastated & cried. Im exhausted after over a year of treatment & mentally im really working towards the date id been given.
Came home & looked out my letters from oncologist, she definitely wrote 12 cycles and only gave me 12 appointments.
Person i saw today said if i feel i cant go on i can.stop early. I asked what the chance of reoccurrence would be stopping at 12 rather than 14 cycles & she couldnt tell me.
Has anyone else stopped kadcyla early or been prescribed less than 14 cycles?
Im in a state