Stopping Tamoxifen for Op??


Im going in for a prophylactic mastectomy with double reconstruction on 1st Feb and was advised by the consultant to stop taking Tamoxifen for two weeks prior to the op and two weeks after. I haven’t had a period since my chemo finished in May and starting Tamoxifen in May. I’m now getting bad stomach cramps as if I’m going to have a period. Has this happened to anyone and if so, do they stop again once I start taking the tablets?


Krissi x

its likely they will stop again when you restart tamox… however your periods may have returned at this time even if you were still on tamox and it may just be a coincidence.

Sorry to hijack - i’m having op on Friday to change over implants, nobody has said anything about stopping tamoxifen?


depends how long your op is and how long your expected to be on bed rest… if its day surgery you dont need to stop but if your in for more than a day and have reduced mobility for a couple of weeks or so they would recommend stopping your tamox.

basically tamox can slightly increase your risk of clots, as can reduced mobility (sometimes they give you special socks and injections in your tummy) which is the effect from some operations.

Lulu x

i was having a planned oophorectomy… just an over night so didnt have to stop tamox however ended up having a up having a hysterectomy so was then off tamox for two weeks.

Lulu x

Thanx Lulu - as ever a wee informative star.

The op is expected to last about 4 hours with a week in hospital, then 6 week recovery period so I’m guessing its probably the length of the op and hospital stay that is dictating the need to come off Tamox.

Thanks again

Krissi x


i have had two ops while on tamox was told to keep taking it, 1st was bilateral oopherectomy and 2nd was a 10 hr recon op. with 8 days in hosp.

maybe your surgeon likes to do things oneway and others are different?

Am now on arimidex and due for more surgery.