stopping tamoxifen for post menopausal drugs

hi all,ive been on tamoxifen for 18mths but stopped taking it today as i am having surgery soon to remove expanders and have implants fitted instead,because i had ovaries removed i am now considered post menapausal so after the op i will take something else instead of tamoxifen but i cant remember what this drug is called,can someone give me some info please and also does it have side effects like tamoxifen? im hoping i can now lose the stone in weight that i put on whilst taking tamoxifen! thankyou.x Di

I was on Tamoxifen and was then put on Letrozole when I became post menopausal. I have not had too many problems with side effects apart from joint pain, but everyone is different. There is a good thread on this forum on Letrozole and SEs. Worth taking a look at it. Good luck. X