Stopping Tamoxifen for Reconstruction

I have been told to stop my tamoxifen for 6 wks as I am having reconstruction on 29th Dec. I feel so much better and I have my ankles back…no water retention. I also feel better all round. I have to restart my medication on 13 Jan and I am struggling with the following…do I restart the medication and feel bad for the next 4 yrs or stop altogether as I feel better without it. The consultant says they don’t know whether it’s actually doing anything for me. However as its a prevetative against the cancer coming back. Has anyone else felt like this? I know in the back of my mind I have to but I was wondering if anyone else has had those experience. Helen

Ginger Bailey, 

I totally get were you are coming from as I have such an aching back that my oncologist thinks will be due to the tamoxifen.

I also have multiple sclerosis and am not sure what is tamoxifen and what is the m.s.

I really get you feeling the way you do as we want to do all we can to prevent this from returning but if its not really doing much its hard to think of continuing.

I truly hope all goes well for you and you have a lovely Christmas. xxx Mary

Thank you for your reply Mary. It is hard isn’t it. Makes you wonder doesn’t it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Xx