strange diagnosis

Hi there

this is my first time on this site, 15 august i was told that there were cancer cells in my lymph gland (which has a lump the size of an egg), since then ive had 2 mamograms, mri, ct, blood tests, saw the consultant wednesday (22/8) told me that nothing has shown up on any of the scans but that i do have breast cancer i will be having a full auxilary clearance on lymph gland 3/9/07 and then chemo possible radiation.

has anyone heard of this type of cancer my docter said that it is quite unusual (trust me to be different)

thanks for any replys

Hi saraquk,
Sorry i can’t answer your questions, but wanted to say ‘‘Hi’’…and sorry you have had to join us.
You will find lots of support on here, everyone is very friendly.

Only thing i could suggest is, if you have one, give your Breast Care Nurse a ring and ask her to explain things to you, or maybe ring the nurse on this website.

Take care
karen x

Hi Saraquk, ditto to what Karen has said, have you looked on, its a very good site, and as Karen says, you can ask the nurse on here or ring the support number

Alison xxxxxxx

Hi saraquk,

I think what they may be saying is that the lump in your lymph gland has breast cancer cells in it - though they may not have found the primary. You can always give them a ring - have you got a breast care nurse you can talk to - and ask them to explain it to you.


Hi saraquk

I agree with what dawnhc says. I had 4 out of 7 cancerous lumph nodes discovered in June and no cancer anywhere else, but as I did have breast cancer only in December 05 this is a secondary cancer where some of the cells have spread. So basically I have breast cancer but not in my breast if that makes any sense?? Because of the nature of mine I had an axilliary clearance as a safe guard to my partial masectomy in Dec 05 but there was no spread then but as the tumor this time did appear in my lymph nodes I’d to have a 2nd clearance.

Check if there is a breast care nurse or a Macmillan Cancer nurse at your hospital and contact them. If not, contact your surgeon directly and question them. I always write my questions down when I think of them and usually end up with about a dozen or so over the space of a day to ask. Do not be afraid to contacts your doc’s secretary and torture your doctor for info!! Goodness knows I certainly did. In this situation you need to know and do what’s right for you!!

Good luck!

Hi Saraquk

Welcome to this site, and sorry you have had to join us, but you will geat heaps of love and support on here, which will help you through this and lots of advice too. Can’t help you with your diagnosis, as have bc and secondary liver - found out all at the same time, so complete shock and devastation. Started my chemo now though, so bit better.

Hope you are OK today and hopefully find some answers from your bc nurse.

Take care

hi everyone,

Thanks for all your support, i think ill be using this site alot, ill keep you posted


Dear Sarah

Welcome to our forums where I am sure you will continue to receive lots of helpful advice and support from our users.
Breast Cancer Care have published a Resources Pack specifically for anyone newly diagnosed with breast cancer which can be ordered on line, it is filled with information to help you better understand your diagnosis, test results and the various treatments available. As the others have mentioned you are also welcome to contact our freephone confidential helpline on 0808 800 6000 for further support, advice and information. The helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm. I do hope you find this information useful.
Best wishes
Breast Cancer Care

hi there sorry you find yourself here, but you will get lots of help and support, remember everybody is so different and the treatments are individual alss a lot depends on different hospitals and oncologists etc, but conact your nurse with a list of questions they are really great, take care
love galen x

Hi all, thanks again for all your support,

I’m going in for surgery on monday feeling slightly nervous but at the same time releived that im actually starting the treatment side of it all.

Speak to you all when i come out.


Just wanted to say hello and good luck and will be thinking of you.

Only joined the site tonight due to my own situation.

julie xxx

Hi Sarah. Just wanted to say “good luck” for Monday. I am having large lumpectomy and node sampling tomorrow and, like you, am feeling relieved that my treatment is starting. In fact, I can’t wait to get into that surgery!

Dear Sarah

Just thought I would mention a friend of mine had a similar problem to you. She had a lump under her arm, was told she had cancer but they could not find anything on the scans, (mammo or MRI), until they did an ultra sound when the primary was found in her breast. She was told this was probably because she was quite young and the breast tissue is different.

I don’t know how old you are but it might be a similar explanation. Just to let you know, my friend had her ‘problems’ a good 3 years ago, she works full time and runs half marathons. So chin up and good luck for monday.


Hi Sarah, I too have a friend in the USA who was dx via a large tumour in her armpit, some 8 years ago. Her primary was never found, but she had axillary clearance, chemo and rads. She is now doing fine.