Strange sensations post surgery

Hi everyone,

Since yesterday I’ve been experiencing the really weird sensation of water trickling (and tickling) down under my skin.  I thought at first that it was just sweat but when I checked I was dry.  Am I going loopy or is there an explanation for it?  Its happening more often since my drains came out this afternoon. It seems to go over my chest and breast area and then down my arm and into my side.  Its totally painless but very strange.  Has anyone else had this?


Love L xxx

Hi Strawb!


I had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction 2 weeks ago and am also getting some strange sensations! The BC nurse said this is normal as the nerves damaged during surgery need time to adjust.


The strangest one for me is that when I have a shiver it feels like it’s going straight to my nipples and making them stand on end!


Wierd of course as my nipples no longer exist!!! Ew! lol


The BC nurse explained that mastectomy is in effect an ‘amputation’ and as well as nerve endings the brain also needs time to adjust. It’s just like when someone who has had a leg amputated can feel ‘phantom’ pain or itching in the foot that is no longer there.


Hope this helps!

Jen xxx



Could come in very handy during the hot summer months and its also helping when my chest feels a bit ‘burny’, again down to nerve damage.  My BC nurse says its normal :smileyhappy: