strange sensations

Posted for new user Sue
Jo, Facilitator

Can I ask if anyone else has experienced unusual sensations after having a strattice implant inserted - ie a tugging sensation in chest muscle - and feeling the muscle - or is it the implant - ‘jumping’ up and down when using arms.
It is very disconcerting - i had one implanted after a mastectomy about a month ago.

oh had ld flap, if I move my arm in a certain position my boob twitches, I know this can be rectified but it means another op, so not going down that road, its not so much of a bother , and it makes a good party trick, the winkin boob

good luck x

Yes, my pectoral muscles contract at random and “pull” against the Strattice - feels as though implants go rock hard, although if I touch them they feel as soft and malleable as usual. Surgeon mentioned in passing that with the LD flap procedure, he can cut a nerve to avoid these sensations - but not for Strattice reconstruction. Don’t know any details, though

I’ve just had expander implants put in and keep feeling the muscles contract. It’s a very weird experience, and is leaving me feeling very unconfident. I’m normally a strong active person. Does anyone know if this feeling goes away or anything can be done? I know it’s early days for me, seeing my PS next Friday.

Hi mistymopey, i had a bilateral mx on the 6th of bec,today and yesterday i have also experienced a painful pulling in one of my breasts,quite painful,i feel as if it is a muscle spasm which keeps happening,i am due to see my ps next wednesday so i i will c what happens,i just presume it is part of the healing process,even though ut is very painful,i know im not much help,but just wanted to let u know that i had a similar problem to you,i have expander implants,with a small amount of fluid in them.hope all goes well for you,sandrae x

Thanks, Nanny4. I’m getting more used to them now - I have becker expanders which my PS is planning to leave in (with ports removed or not as I wish). There’s no pain to speak of now, although I did have to have some fluid removed from one side about 4 weeks ago.

I have considerable rippling on the other side though, so looking forward to my next appointment when I may consider having some more put back in.