Strange stress reaction



I finished treatment early last year and finally I feel more on top of the tiredness and lack of concentration. But I still have a really odd thing which I have been meaning to post about. I can’t seem to handle reading books with anything nasty happening, or seeing films like it or anything or even singing songs that aren’t really cheerful. I was never really into very nasty stuff but now just seeing people go through fictional everyday things seems to induce a sort of stress which is really hard to cope with. Trish

Hi ukulele


I know how you feel. I have to record tv programs now to fast forward those adverts asking for charity donations. One shot of an abused animal and the tears are running down my face.  No nature programs just in case something is eaten. But even ‘happy’ things can set me off.  I have said my eyes are leaking because I don’t know where it’s coming from.   


I think my emotions are still very raw.  


Take care



I too seem to have a heightened level of happy/sad emotions which i often wonder about!! i think sometimes that i am being way over the top over things that before i would just laugh about or go Awww about!! I spend a lot of my time (i gave up work last Dec) in the garden expecially in this nice weather and often find that i have drifted off somewhere in my mind and i start thinking about loads of stuff that gets me emotional. Maybe the fact that i spend a lot of time on my own gives me that space to daydream and think about the what ifs and future things to come wheni am feeling better.

I dont think a day goes by when i dont feel teary over something whether it is to do with real life or something i have either read or seen on the telly! Maybe i get frustrated that i cant do a lot of things that i would normally be doing without having to think ahead about them or keep asking for help. I find a lot of the time i daydream in reverse and remember things that have happened to me when i was younger and had no worries or problems, only lots of free time and friends to spend that time with! Who wants to grow older? Not Me!!

Cheers, Michele x

Hi, this is my first post. I was diagnosed after a routine mammogram and although it was a shock I coped with the diagnosis and went into protect my family mode! I am quite a strong person and met everything head on. My oncologist advised chemo was a none starter for me because of other health problems so I started tamoxifen and I had 3 weeks of rads plus a boost week. I finished rads 5 weeks ago and have tried to keep strong through it all but that’s not always possible. It’s only by reading some of the threads that I have begun to realise I can’t be strong for everyone else, I have to accept that if my body is telling me I’m tired then I need to rest not to carry on as ‘normal’. The stress gets to me too, the what ifs and the deep sadness at certain things. Animal or child cruelty or suffering, people being unkind just get to me and I cry. I feel myself welling up with tears at the slightest thing and find that really difficult to cope with. I guess it’s hormones and hope that it will get better over time.