strange symptom-no one's posted

I’ve recently had my first breast exam after I complained of some sporadic pains for a few months. My GP found a thickening in my left breast. She said I should come back in 6 weeks to follow up. About 4 days later I had the strangest sensation in the left breast, I can only compare it to a dull ache (similar to your funny bone-nerve type pain) but the pain lasted continuously for 4 days. On the 4th day I went in to ser another gp who said it would be best if I went to a screening. Now one week on, I have no more ‘ache’ and feel unsure if I should just go back to the gp to cancel the apt. I’m 31 and wonder I any mammogram /scan is necessary. No one on this site has had a similar sensation so I’m wondering if it was a one-off thing? Any information would be great!

Don’t cancel, go to the screening because it’s best to get it checked out. The pain and strange sensations may return, then you will be going back to your GP again. I think that although pain isn’t a common as a symptom of breast cancer, it’s best not to ignor it, so go along to the appointment and let us know how you get on.



Thank you, I will keep you posted. It is hard to know what to do in cases like these, but maybe its best to error on the side of caution.

Yes you must get it checked out. I had a dull ache in my breast with occasional sharp pains . Sometimes the ache would last a few days and then disappear and then it would return . I have breast cancer, I was diagnosed in July. I would say any pain at all not associated with normal pre- menstrual pain must be checked out.