Strange thing to say!!!

Even at 75 she has not lost her sense of humour and brags about her pert boobs x

Hi Jazz, welcome to TeamBCC.xx

Hi Pecan, I understand what your saying about the lady but she was actually a volunteer at Maggie’s Centre and I’m sure they have training! I wasn’t annoyed at her but just shocked at her saying ‘When I had chemo if felt like I was being poisoned’
It was more scaring the life out of me after she said it and I couldn’t forget it for the rest of the day!

There are just other ways of saying things like ‘It may be tough but it’s curing us’ or ‘Its not easy but it’s doable’ I think I am maybe over sensitive at the moment but I most certainly wasn’t expecting that whilst visiting Maggie’s Centre.

She most certainly has plenty of support there as there are counselling sessions on all day every day so she will have as much support as she needs!

I think she just said aloud what she thought at the time without thinking and maybe she hasn’t realised that maybe needs extra support herself now too.
I must say I do feel for the lady and maybe she has only just found out it’s come back and thought she was ok but I got to hear her little rant which upset me more than be offended by her! I gave her a big too!

I can’t explain exactly how I felt! I started to panic, worry, stress and felt so much worse after going that day which should have been a good experience for me!

On the other hand it’s not put me off going again as they have yoga, tai chi and mindfulness classes and signed up for 'Look good, feel better class too!

I’m thinking I would like to support her too, yet I need supporting! Bless her, I hope she will be ok!
I did think about speaking to her myself but then again I’m worried she might say something else which might unintentionally scare me again and I really was affected by it!

It’s also upset me that it did affect me as in the past I was one of those who find reasons for why people say certain things or do certain things! I’ve always taught my daughter not to judge people as we don’t know what’s going on in there lives! Anyway chemo starts in 9 days so I need to listen to what you ladies have written, that treatment is so much easier and advanced now and side effects are managed a lot easier nowadays compared to 14 years ago and I hope the treatment the lady gets this time round will be a lot easier for her!!:slight_smile:

Loved your story, it made me smile! That’s what we need right now! Smiles and words of support!

Everyday is different in terms of emotions and that is why this forum has become part of my life whether it be just reading, commenting or posting!
Even just by writing this, it makes things feel easier to cope! Thank you

After all that I meant welcome Kazz48! Predictive text!!! Aaarghh!!!

Ha ha ck autocorrect changed kazz to jazz on mine too x

Glad it’s not just me even though I seemed to be making so many mistakes recently!xx