Strattice/dermal matrix with implant

I’m 18 months from mx. chemo, rads etc. and booked for an implant on 18th June. I so badly dont want to go back to hospital and be ill again.
I am not remotely excited about the boob just nervous and upset. Is there anyone else who felt this way about their recon?
I have no idea what its going to look like but know I dont want any flaps done. Has anyone had a strattice and are you pleased with it?
thank you,

Hello Nem,
Just wanted to say I had bilateral mastectomies with reconsruction in Feb 2012- this was after treatment for bc in 2009 and then finding out I had a brca1 mutation.
Like you, I was very ambivalent about it and the whole idea of reconstruction. I think reconstruction and choice is a very personal issue and what suits you (physicaly - ie I could not have flaps, mentally- what YOU want) may be different to other women. I would stress that you think it all through very carefully and don’t rush. Also, it was a big deal for me to come to terms with the idea of being ‘sick’ again. But you do get better and it isnt like treatment.
I have come across many women (and there is a thread here if you look for it) of women very happy with results. I would say cosmetically, my own reconstruction has the potential to be great but I want to be honest with you and not panic you by telling you I have had an inflammatory reaction (was about to do a post!!. I am currently taking steriods to see if this will address this problem. If it does work, I think the results will be okay for me It is still a big deal though so be kind to yourself.
Apparently my reaction is UNUSUAL!!! So while you could check this out yourself, please don’t for a minute think this WILL happen to you!
Please feel free to ask questions.
Rattles, xx

Hi Naomi
I had a mx and strattice dermal implant reconstruction 5 weeks ago (didn’t need radio, have just started chemo).
My circumstances are different from yours in that I had my mx and reconstruction before any other treatment. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I got over the op (I’m 43 and pretty fit - at least I was before all this began!) I was in hospital 2 days, was then allowed home with a drain in as my partner could take a week off and help. District nurses came in each day to check the wound site and fettle drain until drain removed after 10 days or so).
I was told not to drive for 6 weeks, was able to go for gentle walks within a few weeks of the op.
I’ve been pleased with the result - the new boob has less natural ‘droop’ than the real one, and I have no feeling in it, which was a bit weird at first. With a bra on, you can’t see a difference between the two.
If you look up ‘breast reconstruction strattice mesh’ on google images, the first image that come up looks very similar to my result, if that helps (my scar is less faded, yetawhile).
Best of luck with whatever course you decide on.
Alix xx

Thanks so much for the replies.
I hope yours is settling down Rattles- dont worry I like to hear all the possibilities- good and bad! I’m focussing on ‘potential to be great’- lets hope you get there.
Thats great that you are pleased with yours, Alix- the pics are really interesting- If mine looked like that I’m be delighted. I think I just dont dare think its going to look good in case I’m dissapointed. I have been warned about the droop. My surgeon is desperate to lift the other side to match but thats for another day. Slightly worried about ‘short walks after a few weeks’ - I hope to be dancing at my 40th 9 weeks later!
It is encouraging that most people seem to think its worth it.


I too had a mx with immediate recon with a strattice mesh. This was last October and since then I had had chemo and rads (finished that last week). I was 46 when I had my op. I was only in hospital 1 night> I could have been home same day if I had been earlier on the list.I didn’t get back to the ward until nearly 8pm, so I stayed the night. Liek Alix, I had a drain in, and just went back to the hospital a couple of times to have the wound/drains checked. DH was home with me for a few days, but this was more down to the days the surgery was than any suggestion by the hospital.
I was back at work 2 and a half weeks after the surgery (with dh driving me as we work together). I was definitely driving myself about long before the 6 week mark. I think I was able to walk (sedately) to the childminder’s and to take dd to school within 2 weeks of surgery. Not sure about dancing, but by 9 weeks after I had done my second lot of chemo, so wasn’t particularly lively.

Thanks Amy’s mum, thats really useful information. Hospital stay seems to be shorter than I thought but recovery maybe a bit longer.
Conratulations on finishing treatment.