Strattice implant, nipple recon and normal side augmentation

Hi guys, I had a mastectomy with immediate strattice recon on the 5th October, following a couple of infections I can hopefully say Im now settled a bit more and going to discuss my next op with surgeon. Im still surprised how hard and unmovable the implant is and now its settled I have a slight sunked area near my lumpectomy scar which I had previous. Is there any thing they can do to plump up the shape with an implant? Have any of you had augmentation on your good side to match. I should only need lift as sizing is farly similar. I hope my impant loosens a little too. How long did you need off work? How did they do your normal side uplift…thanks for your responses in advance.

Hi - I had the fat transfer from my thighs because I had a massive dent above my implant where the drain had been. The surgeon took fat from both my thighs and put into the dent at the same time as uplifting and reducing the good boob. The uplift op involves moving the nipple and resiting it higher on the breast - so the scar is lollipop shaped. As regards the hardness of the implant - I have strattice and immediate recon in Feb 14 and I am still very much aware of the implant - and it is still very firm to the touch and alien - still like a bowling ball strapped to my chest. I am not sure it will ever feel like a part of me - it makes me smile when people say “all back to normal now”. No I don’t think so!