Stress and recurrence

A report on this which is worth reading:

A study based on 94 women is not going to prove anything

in my view


Well, at least it’s a start.

Hi Phoebe - both times of my diagnosis I had really stressful months leading up to the diganosis and have often wondered about the involvement of stress even though have been told stress doesn’t play a part. Article made very interesting reading - saying that I haven’t experienced the kind of stress they were talking about.

Anyway after going through it a second time I am going to destress my life just because I want to and have a better quality of life - Ha easier said than done!!!

Chill out everyone

Sarah x x x

Statistically speaking, the sample size is not so much of a problem. I looked at the abstract on Pubmed and, according to that, there was less than a five percent chance that the result was down to chance.

This study provides less useful news for cancer patients than it first appears, though. For one thing, only deals with pre-cancer stress, so it does not necessarily show that starting yoga now would help. I think I had run across this news four years ago when I was diagnosed I would have been really upset because I had experienced a traumatic event. Second, it only deals with women who had recurred, which means that it can’t really even answer the question of whether being less stressed buys more time.

Still, not being stressed is nevertheless good for the heart.