Stressed and teary

Stressed and teary

Stressed and teary Hi everyone - just wanted to have a moan really!

I was off work from September to May and since returning have been slowly increasing my hours each week. However, work have overpaid me - I was supposed to go on half pay in January - but had got so confused with all the discussions and debates as to what was happening with my wages I did not query the overpayment until I returned to work.

They have now told me that I owe them a lot of money and have included tax and NI saying that it would be easier to pay that back. I also think that I will have to claim benefits from the gov’t to cover the sick leave and do not relish the idea of that.

I feel that this is far too stressful and is something that I do not need at the moment.

All I can say is - if you are ever overpaid declare it straight away to avoid any further heartache.



hi jayne sorry that your going through it at the moment . when i had to give up work last year ,firstly i was on ssp then went on to income support in nov , well it took them 6 weeks to sort everything out and i was really desperate for cash as the bills were piling up. now im due back to work in august and am really worried about getting paid what im owed and getting wages sorted ! ita a viscious circle ,just when you dont need the extra stress. i spoke to my mc millan nurse and she was able to get me a short term grant to help me get through the tretments etc, maybe yours could help you ? anyway good luck. lynnx

must be catching… i too have a meeting with management on monday about paying back an overpayment of salary. i was off work already when i was diagnosed having had a breakdown as a result of bullying in the Workplace from Hell…one of the things that happened when i complained about it was that they suddenly discovered they’d been paying me too much and threatened to make me repay over £7000. it was just sheer incompetence on their part…one of a catalogue of errors and gross breaches of employment law, but the timing made it feel like victimisation. anyway…i do owe them it and the letter from the manager is very conciliatory, she wasn’t involved in the WFH and has said there’s back pay due me which i suspect will turn out to cancel out what i owe them and give everyone a face-saving way out…but what i’m really worried about is that i will go into this meeting and just burst into tears if i try to talk about it. i’ve been finding it a huge struggle being back at work, i’ve burst into tears at work once already…my colleagues were very kind but i’ve been redeployed into a job i don’t really want and my heart isn’t in it…i’m really weepy at the moment and the counsellor i’m seeing thinks it’s grief, which is probably quite true. anyway…off to support group meeting and then late midsummer opening at the Botanic Gardens, those should help!..

Hugs Catkin please contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau they will give you all the advice you need and tell you if your entitled to any benefits, here is their website address you can find your local CAB in there.

Good Luck.

Hugs Val. XXXX.

HI Jayne
Really sorry you’ve had this extra stress - it makes me quite angry that after everything you’ve been through you then have to face a worry over money.
It may be worth remembering that those of us who have had cancer have rights under the Disability Discrimination Act , even when you’re over it - maybe you should check it over the internet.
I’m employed by the city council and they got a little worried when I wanted to work through chemo - but you have to be offered flexible working under the act.
I know we don’t feel like getting stroppy because the illness knocks your confidence, but that comes back - we’re very brave folk so you have to stand up and be proud!!
Good luck to everyone facing such an insensitive approach on return to work - what’s wrong with society!


I am a bit confused by this – if they have overpaid you then they paid tax and insurance for you which you did not owe- when they make adjustment this will be refunded against what they overpaid- you cant owe tax and insurance. If they have overpaid you by mistake then they must give you a reasonable schedule for repaying that overpayment. You should not be plunged into a nightmare for their mistake. It happened where I work and they wrote off some of the amount and gave the girl a reasonable period (like over 3 years) to repay it.

For example they overpaid you £1000 of which £250 was tax and £20 NI - so you received £730 and Revenue and NI £270. However if it was an overpayment then the revenue and NI of £270 will come back. So you only owe them the £730 and tell them you need an interest free loan for this - which you will repay over a reasonable period - and in the interests of relieving the stress this mistake has caused you could they please write some of this off.

Does this make sense or is my brain chemoed?