String of Light

Ladies (and any guys too), to me the most special thing at Christmas, and through Winter, is light. It somehow lifts your mood, your soul. Be that a single candle flickering, an all-out- bling affair, or when we can get it, natural sunshine.

What I would like to propose, here, is a kind of a group initiative to ‘light’ as many 'lights 'as we can, to create a string of hope, support and love to everyone who feels the need to be logging on over the winter. I probably haven’t thought this through very well but, if you agree this is a good idea, just reply “I AM SHINING A LIGHT” and we’ll see where that takes us. 

I am a shining light at 6.30am across a pitch black golf course throughout winter! My friend who I walk with also shines as we have torches and our 3 dogs also shine - my dog with a glowing orange head collar and her dogs with glowing green collars. Anyone looking across a dark golf course will see 2 white, 1 orange and 2 green dancing lights wending their way home for breakfast ???. 

Hi Wonky, thought I’d contribute a bit of good news - not sure if this counts as a light, but feels like it to me. After 2 primaries and a regional recurrence I finished chemo this summer. Since the chemo I’ve had a mild cough and was worried it had gone to my lungs. This morning I had the result of my CT scan and its all ok, lungs clear and nothing suspicious anywhere. Such relief! Now I’m just going to be as positive as I can be and not get weighed down by fear any more. If I feel the worries coming on, I’ll think of your lights shining bright. Well done you. Love Mo   xx