Struggling to hold it together now

Hi all …I had mammogram, ultrasound, and five core biopsies including lymph nodes done Wednesday 21st May and go back for results on Monday 2nd … it’s felt like a chronically long wait and yesterday I got another appt through for CT scan of chest, abdomen and pelvis on Tuesday 3rd. I knew they wanted a scan because they were unable to take biopsy of nodes under my right arm due to broken skin but I wasn’t expecting to see abdomen and pelvis and this appointment letter has freaked me out. I woke up shaky and emotional this morning and felt unable to go to work for the first time since this all started.


I’m also reading that some people got telephone calls to let them know they were in the clear, which is fantastic  … but now I’m thinking that no call means bad news.


I think as time goes by and appointment/s get closer it is getting harder and harder to sleep, function on a day to day level, hold normal conversations, find distractions, keep up the brave face etc etc. I feel drained and shattered but can’t get to sleep so here I am, offloading a little … :womanfrustrated:

Hi Nancy sorry your going through this difficult waiting time at the moment, its so hard as I know. I can understand were your comming from with the cant concentrate with normal day to day things I was the same.  


I just wanted to let you know that just because you dont get a call this doesn’t mean anything bad, it depends on the clinic were you had your test/ biopsies what their procedures are,  not all clinics are the same. The clinic my sister went to in a different city would only tell you on the result day appointment they have given you, whether it be good or bad news & she called 3 days before her appointment & they said she would have to wait until her appointement date, & all was clear with her & she was fine so please try not worry about that. I know its a difficult time so im not go na say don’t worry… I hope you get good news on monday, take care & let me know how you get on x