Struggling to see a GP


I have a lump and pain in my breast that has been there for a few months. I have tried to do an e-consult with my GP but they only do 15 a day and there is never any left to fill in. Also phoning is unbelievable unless you have 2 hours a day to sit in a queue. It is truly this bad in my area. My question is should I call 111? Can they do anything? or even make a referral?

The frustration is that in our area, we have an excellent breast clinic, but a referral from your GP is needed. 

Feeling there is nowhere to turn on this. 

Thank you so much for any help.

Don’t think 111 would deal with it just refer you to your GP . Your GP will want to examine you so they would probably want you to go to a face to face appointment . My surgery is very similar to yours it’s very frustrating , could you try ringing at a different time of day and explaining the situation they may suggest another route to getting an appointment ? They should see you quickly if you mention breast lump .

Most lumps are not cancer and generally they don’t hurt I hope you get some re-assurance soon.