Struggling tonight

Just wondering if anyone is awake as I’m struggling a bit tonight and can’t really sleep. When I do drop off I have awful dreams so thought I’d try and get some feelings out on here and see if anyone else is in the same boat x


Yep me too! I cant sleep easily tonight. I was just going through my ‘before cancer’ pics thinking about how carefree and young I looked compared to now! Were my eye brows really that thick and full! Last night I dreamt my husband put my fake boob in the tumble drier!!! How odd! Hope you manage to drift off, these kind of nights come and go, your allowed to struggle now and then, it’s natural and completely normal x


Thanks so much for your reply. Sorry to hear your dreams are as screwed up as mine! Hope we both get some rest x

We will…eventually :sleeping: unfortunately my brain seems to have turned nocturnal which is not ideal with 2 children! :scream:


I have trouble sleeping too… I keep waking up to go to the loo an can’t fall asleep afterwards. I‘ve started reading my Kindle when I can’t sleep, at least I fall asleep eventually and use the time.

No dreams for me, luckily!


Yes, dreams for me too. It gets to the point where I’m frightened to go to sleep. I think it’s the way of our brains process what we are going through and the things that we try to suppress during the day. Apparently it’s very normal - not that that helps when we’re going through it.

Hope we all manage to get some dreamless sleep. x


I am absolutely exhausted all day but as soon as I get to bed I am absolutely wired. I think I am scared to go to sleep + the house is so dark and quiet, it seems to match my moods. I eventually drop off for a few hours of disturbed sleep, then wake up early, desperate for my 2 boys to wake up to somehow get me out of the horrible darkness. Then exhausted all day and the cycle starts again.


Exactly the same. MBC so no hope for me, just marking time. Nights are dreadful. Leg cramps and twitching so spare bedroom so my poor old man can get some rest but i miss him. Dark and empty nights with dreadful visions of the pain to come. Didbt think it would ever end like this.


Yes I have the same problem. I do know that VITA is having an article about this in the next issue.
I am a man, but feel these are universal .There are a few solutions that I use (that may or may or may not appear in the article)
I had a sleep diary. This was to make an accurate assessment of how much I would sleep and other factors associated with my sleep. It helps to identify patterns and areas for improving sleep hygiene. Also, many people who struggle with sleep difficulties make negative assumptions about their sleep (e.g. “I never sleep more than 5 hours a night”) and this can help to see if this is really the case.
I would record information such as how often and how long I had napped during the day. How much caffeine and alcohol I would have four hours before bed what I had done in the three hours before bed, how long had I read in bed, what time I turned the light out. I had details of waking times etc from my Fitbit and I found this really helpful.
I found that being fatigued was a vicious cycle. It’s a fact that getting exercise is vital to help fight fatigue, but doing exercise while feeling fatigued is extremely hard. No matter how hard it seemed, I found that by going for a walk, even for two minutes to start with, helped a lot. Like the Cancer, I treat the fatigue like a battle and I find that helps a lot psychologically that you are beating it. Starting with small and achievable goals was how to I helped get long term change.
I go to sleep listening to podcasts . There are a lot of free sleep ones out there that are pretty good
I would not recommend my old habit of listening to True Crime Podcasts. My dreams were very disturbing :slight_smile:


I call 3am the bewitching hour. Seems like I get the a couple hours-just enough to have energy to start dwelling. I tried Audio books and I’m addicted I listen to silly things- like biographies of Jackie Kennedy. Geez how the other 1/2 lives. I seem to drift back off 50 percent of the time. The other 50 I’m thinking about other people have huge medical problems too. Then I go back to why do I have to have one? So not sleeping isn’t as traumatic now