Thought I would let yoou know how it was going witht he studies…it is HARD…LOL…nice to concentrate on something other than cancer but it really is tough…I shall do my best but who knows what will happen!

hi there

what are you studying?

I am doing Company economy A and B…at the same time and a Swedish Lit. course. Mmmm odd combo I hear you say but a girls got to do something!

I think it is brilliant… I plan (but so far it stayed as a plan) to go for my PMP exam (Project Management Professional). I have all the qualifications, and the book - just need the self-study and to sit the exam. I’ll wait next week (my week off), then will sit every day from 10 to 12 on that…

I haven’t though about taking a course back at the university maybe I’ll look into that. Swedish lit? that sounds cool.

Hi BabyBoo, I’m about to go into my third year, doing a weird combo of BSc Equine Sports Science and BA Drama degree - am hoping the miserable effect of the monthly Zoladex injections (only had one so far, and devastating effect, have barely stopped howling since I had it) wears off, or I won’t be able to do much excelt snivel!
Let us know how your studies go, always useful to see someone else going through the same thing!


sounds brilliant fun Babyboo - i wish you every success, i loved studying and research. One of the blessings of BC is I’m gaily researching again!

Angel, sorry, had to respond - i have this image of the horses all on stage doing the can can :open_mouth:
Hope the side effects of the Zoladex don’t drag you down - best of luck with your studies.

Thank quisie - LoL! I know what you mean and I get comments like that a lot. It’s just that I have this weird brain that does creative as well as scientific, a bit odd, but it needs to be fed with both to keep going!

As it’s turned out, the Zoladex has really got me, my reaction has been horrid, and the hot flushes (which I note that many others don’t get until they’ve been on it for years, damn them!) started almost immediately. Had second injection yest, knackered and wobbly and out of breath today, all standard hypoadrenal symptoms for me, and the first chemo wiped me for a whole 8 days, with oral thrush kicking in on day 3 instead of a week later as was told it might - was given diflucan to take on day 7-14, but needed it far sooner, so I guess my neuts went down almost immediately instead of a week later (neutrophils specifically take care of candida, so they must have plummeted for the oral thrush to kick in as comprehensively as it did - hideous, completely white mouth and tongue, no white spots for me, just a total white wash! Not to mention the other stuff which is debilitating me for a lot of the time.

Anyway, I’ve had to take the difficult decision to take a year out, because at this rate I am not well enough to even drive into college (it’s 53 miles away, so a bit of a trek), never mind do classes, the work, the performances, the lab work, or the dissertation. I finally told my tutors today, and the officials yesterday, so it’s now done. I hate feeling like I’ve given up, but as my tutors pointed out, I keep being so ill that I wouldn’t be producing my best work, and I’m after a first, so I do need to be doing my best. The touching thing is that they all want to stay in touch, and have regular updates, and two of them have even offerred to help me unofficially with my dissertation during the year that I’m not going to be there - how great is that?! I’ve to speak to the disability bods to see if I can keep my library card up to date, and also my Athens log in stuff, so I can still access scholarly papers (is all a bit pants if you don’t have an Athens or similar subscription thingy, they won’t let you look at decent peer-reviewed papers without one unless you pay ridiculous amounts of £s to view per paper! )

So, hard decision, but am just too ill to carry on at the moment. I do so wish I wasn’t, but there we are. I hope everyone else carrying on with theirs is doing at least ok, if not fabulously, and I wish all of you the very best. Let us know how you get on!

Love and light,
Angel xxx

Hi Babyboo

I have defered a year on my post graduate travel medicine course, as I couldn’t make the residential dates due to chemo. I can continue to work through the units, but so far my concentration has not been good enough, and what I have churned out is not up to my usual standard. Hoping to get back into it soon and turn out some stunning studies!!!

Good luck

Kim x