Study Trail

Is anyone on the study trail SOFT?

Hi Babyboo,

Saw my onc yesterday and she suggested it to me… not sure though as really want ovaries removed but not sure I can persuade them!

The problem with arms 2 and 3 is having to have the 4 weekly injections, Im already at the hosp every 3 weeks for Herceptin so dont fancy that really!

What do you think and does anybody else have any experiences of side-effects etc.

Take care


Mmmm…I am not sure yet but I am thinking of going ahead with it and taking part. If what I have been through can help someone else in the future then I am willing. Like they say, one always has the option of saying enough is enough.

I didn’t think they removed the ovaries, I thought they gave you an injection to stop the production…mmmm…more questions heading towards my Doc!