Subcarinal lymph node removal

Hello…this is a long shot. At my diagnosis I was informed that the subcarinal lymph node was harbouring a grade 3 met. I was also told that because of its position it cannot be operated on…deemed too dangerous. I was told this back in September. I have since read on the wonderful World Wide Web that this procedure has been performed. I was also told that if the tumour grew it could affect surrounding organs and cause heart palpitations. Which I am now experiencing as it has taken so freaking long to get to the point of treating me. Which is next week!

Has anyone had a met in the subcarinal node AND had it operated on and removed? TIA.

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I am sorry you have not yet received a response and are going through this difficult time. I am sure some of our users will be along shortly to provide their support.

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Hi Anneliese, I’ve just been diagnosed with a positive subcarinal lymph node. It was found by chance on. PET/CT scan for something else - I’ve just been diagnosed with a gastric lymphoma but back in 2001 and again in 2008 I had HER2+++ breast cancer. So, at the moment, they are treating me with 3 rounds of chemo for the lymphoma and will decide what to do about the bc that’s recurred in the lymph node after that at the end of December. I too have asked if it can be removed - they were certainly able to biopsy it during an endoscopy. Although it’s nowhere else, like you, I’m anxious. 

It’s certainly a **bleep** place for it to pop up

Anneliese. You and I have something in common. Did you progress to treatment or did you have the node removed?  Deni. 

Well…I have had 6 rounds of chemo and was told recently that the tumours have shrunk by over 50%. I was going to be put onto maintenence chemo after the 6th cycle but i asked to remain on on this combo for a bit longer seeing as it is working so well. Another scan in august. .then I think I will ask to be referred to a thoracic surgeon.

I have one in my right lung too.

These appeared last year. I developed a cough. Current treatment is still paclitaxol and avastin. I have 2 more cycles to go if I can tolerate the side effects then on to maintenence chemo. Don’t know what that entails yet. And yes. …it is tiring being strong. But better tired than give up. X