Subcutaneous Herceptin

The Marsden where I am treated are now offering sub.herceptin to any who want to switch from iv herceptin. It is administered with a needle under the skin and only takes a few minutes instead of 30mins intravenously (plus the fiddling around accessing port, or playing hunt the vein, so I can see why many are in favour of it. It will also save the NHS a considerable amount in time. As I have been on iv herceptin since 2004 I still remember the days when it took 90mins intravenously! So why am I hesitating? Firstly I am concerned that it is the same dosage regardless of weight. With iv our weight is monitored every 3wks and dosage is weight related. When I asked my onc, he said “good question”! The nurse giving me the info & consent form said she would find out for me - so let’s see as I am due today for my next one. My other problem is that she said they usually inject into the stomach fat! Well I don’t have any, honestly :smileylol:plus I have my intrathecal pump in that area and the other side is heavily scarred. I did say they could do it into thighs (I had already done some reading) but she was surprised at this as they had been told only to use stomach!!! My problem with thighs is that they are badly affected by bone mets in my spine . So I might be giving this advance a miss.

Anyone else been offered this?


I have subcut herceptin in Newcastle we were the first to use it for secondaries ,mine is injected into the leg ,apparently this is the best place for it to disperse throughout the body its really quick and easy ,on the front of your thigh midway between knee and hip ,Newcastle were heavily involved in the trials ,good luck and don’t worry ,side effects are the same too xx