Subcutaneous Herceptin!

Hi everyone,

i’m new to these boards. i’m finished ACTH and have just had my third herceptin injection on Wednesday. All though taxol and herceptin, i has wierd boated/numb feeling, particularly in my upper stomach! is this normal? i thought herceptin didn’t have any side effects?

thanks everyone X

Herceptin does have a range of side effects including sickness. I’ve found a runny nose and fatigue are my main course ones

I have the bloated feel8ng too Elliemc but i am not sure of ots the Her eptin pr just the chemo afyer effects in general. I have been taking omeprazole whoch does help. I think chemo does affect our digestive system xx

Hi Ali49,
I’m the same, wondering if i still have taxol in my body, it’s seven weeks since i finished TH. I’m just sick of feeling wierd and worrying. All of thes wierd bloated pains came on during TH, i didn’t feel as bad during AC. I sometimes wonder if this all has given me a gallbladder issue, as during the Taxol, the Upper abdomen in the middle but slightly more right sided, started to give me some discomfort after eating or if i had the very odd glass of wine, or maybe it’s some sort of reflux? Anyone else with this complaint? it’s marginally better since quitting taxol but still there on herceptin alone.

Could be your gall bladder playing up a bit. Chemo really screws over your digestive system ?