SUCH bad timing!

Hi All,

I have spent all day browsing these forums instead of doing any work (seriously I have not done a stroke!). I discovered a lump on Thursday evening, GP appointment this morning and referral to Breast Clinic. All very quick and business like. GP did not faff around with what it could be or might or might not be. Never seen this particular doc before so maybe that is his style. He was nice though and hands were warm :slight_smile:

Anyhoo - apart from the obvious stress and worry that comes with a lump (and don’t we all focus on the worst case senarios!) I am supposed to be upping sticks with hubby and kids (3 and 4 yo) to move to the Phillippines in 7 weeks!!!

I have handed in my notice at work, DH;s work have hired a replacement and we have sold our house. What if things are bad and we can’t go??? Where will we live? Where will we work? Argh!!! Even if we can go, if it is not bc but still something that needs treatment then there is likely to be a nightmare with health insurance as it might be considered a ‘pre-existing condition’. I seriously considered waiting until I got there before even seeing a doc about it but came to my senses.

Not sure what I am hoping for but thought that writing it all down might ward off the tension headache that is on the horizon and everyone here is so lovely that I didn’t think you would mind my verbal diareoaah (or however the hell you spell it!)


I can’t offer much advice on the moving to the Phillipines front, but I think you are wise to have been to your gp and got that referral. At the minute I’m sure this will be all you can focus on anyway, and once you are seen by the hospital, it will hopefully put your fears to rest. I’m sure the other ladies/men on here will be able to offer much more helpful advice, but I just wanted to reply and wish you my best

i dont want this to sound awful, but my friend was in a similiar situation last sept, she had sold house, handed notice in, took her children out of school and a week before her move ( she was going to the shetland isles) her husband died very suddenly. All i can say is things seem to work themselves out from the absolute havoc these things bring. Fingers crossed for you its nothing

Thanks Jo and Anna,

A few years ago friends of mine were about to go to China for 3 years and left their medicals to the very last thing and the husband had testicular cancer diagnosed. Again with the jobs and the house but all their possessions were on a sea freight halfway to China. Still, if it hadn’t been for the trip it would not have been discovered. They are all good now and managed to get out there about 6 months later.

I am just trying to take it one step at a time and I am very good at concentrating on one thing at a time and not worrying too much about things that i have no control over.


Hi Angela
You are doing the right thing in taking it one step at a time,its the way I cope also.I do hope things work out for you whatever form it takes.

Take Care

Hi Angela, I hope things work out for you and that its just a harmless lump, you are doing the right thing getting it checked sweetie.

Hugs J xxx

Hi Angela

Will be thinking of you!!

Take Care xx

Thanks girls. I am astounded at the warmth and support on these pages. It really blows me away. Will keep you all posted.


Hi Angela

I agree with the others … at the end of the day be glad you found it and however it goes you will muddle through

hope we don’t see too much of you in the future - if you get mmy drift!!! But we’ll be there for you if you do

good luck
let us know!!
love FizBix xxxx

PS Bear in mind that although you want all the answers now you won’t get them … it will take a little time …

There is no good time to get bc, but hell this really is bad timing. As the others say your health is the main priority and you need to get this checked. Things do have a way of working themselves out. Try not to worry too much - which I know is a stupid statement. The best advice I can give you at this stage tho is to be very careful as to how much research you do at this point - it’s way to easy to read all the nasty stuff and scare yourself rigid…and yes worse case scenario is always what we go for!

Good luck with your appointment - I trust the GP has put you down as an urgent due to the pending upping of sticks.

Hi All,

You are right about not reading too much lilacblushes…I had to reign myself in as I was freaking out !!! Yup - I am down as an urgent appointment, beause of what he tells me is - 32, discernable immobile lump that has been present before and after period and he has noted that I am supposed to be leaving the country in 6/7 weeks.

I was reading some of your other posts and it seems as though some of you ladies have been through such a tremendous amount and many of you are coming through the other side. I think we can spend lots of time focusing on how horrible women can be to each other at times and forget that we are capable of tremendous outpourings of compassion, caring, love and support. This site in itself is quite breathtaking is reminding us about the power and beauty of womanhood. Thank you ladies,


Glad to hear that you are getting an urgent appointment. Fingers crossed that you will be given the all clear… I’ve got so many fingers crossed for so many ppl on here that it’s a wonder I manage to get up, dressed and go to work, I’m going to have to buy a spare pair of hands on ebay soon.

As you say it is great to see how the women on here support each other. It’s also handy to have ladies who stick around after their treatment to prove that there is an other side that we can come out of. I know when I first started coming onto this site (post op but pre-rads) I took great comfort in finding ladies who had been there done that got the t-shirt.

Keep us updated with how oyou are getting on … hope you are in the phillipines without delay.

Ladylumps, as you probably have read my nightmare came to an end today after eight painful weeks. My mum has bc so I still have alot of fighting to do but I feel strong enough to take on the world and her illness.

I hope and prey that you get the results that I got today and that you are off starting your new life happy in a few weeks time. It seems like a battle that we can’t fight but believe me you will manage, you do cope. If anyone had told me I would have managed to cope eight weeks with this hanging over my head I would have thought no bloody way but I did. I wish you well and have my fingers and toes crossed for you too sweetie.

Hugs Jules xxxxxxx