Sudden inverted nipple - can't see how it can be anything but cancer

That’s it really.  Never had inverted nipples before - then just over two weeks ago, I noticed the right one had almost collapsed.  Went to GP after a week - her face fell, then she found a lump too.


I’m terrified.  I have myself dead and buried already.


I have a few other health issues, and severe anxiety at the best of times.  I can’t stop crying, and just know that this is it.  Everyone is telling me to be positive (well, the few people I’ve told), as if I’m just being stubborn by not being that way.  They tell me it’ll probably be nothing, that even if it is, there are excellent options . . . but I’m dealing with this very badly.  


Does anyone have any real advice on how to deal with the panic?  I don’t mean bland stuff such as take deep breaths, have a bath and a cup of tea - I need something that deals with utter terror.


Thank you so much for any help.

Hiya love, Diazipam got me through the terror, and it really is sheer and utter terror that you will be feeling, I remember it all too well! Please don’t write yourself off,  I did it too but having been through it all and out the other side I can tell you that things are nothing like you will be imagining and this is very treatable, there is nothing you can do other than wait for a definite diagnosis but try not to run too far ahead of yourself, we will all say the same on here, one step at a time! Xx Jo 

Hi Twinkle


I am so sorry that you you are suddently facing this. It is a huge shock and nothing that anyone can say can stop the anxiety and the feeling that ‘this it it’.


Firstly - have you been been referred to the breast clinic yet, do you know when your appointment is.


The positives are that you went to your GP straightaway and you will have it investigated very soon I am sure. Statistically you will do well. A much greater percentage of women survive breast cancer than die from it, and this figure is improving all the time. The treatments are moving on all the time too, there are so many trails and research that it is all getting better.


It will take time for you to start taking it in, but you must remember that you havent been diagnosed yet so try not to get ahead of yourself. Read the information on this site and McMillan if you want to find out more about breast cancer and the treatments available but do not google stuff and there is so much outdated and inaccurate information out there.


Ask anything you want on this forum, everyone is fantastic and the phone line is also brilliant.


Let us know how you get on at the clinic, take care.



Ive never suffered with anxiety and have always been a positive cup half full type but my diagnosis totally floored me and i was on my knees for weeks and only got through it by being held up by my darling husband and a few close friends so dont beat yourself up for feeling like you do love as its a natural reaction when faced with something like this, fear takes over and you cant control it. But it does get easier and once you have the full picture you start to feel like your taking some control back, this period of the unknown while waiting is the pits and the worst part of this whole thing!
I had a lumpectomy in March followed by the good news of a low grade and no spread so only needed radiotherapy which ended in June and now am Taking Tamoxifen for 5 years and am feeling great again, there were times a few months ago i couldnt ever have imagined feeling normal again!
If you are diagnosed please stick with us as we all pop in and out to try and help Xx

Oh bless your heart.

On here, you will get honest support. It’s a natural reaction for your friends to say ‘don’t worry, it’s probably nothing’ when in reality, given your symptoms, and your doctors comments, it could something.

There’s nothing we can do to change what’s happening so why waste the day worrying. Why do we do that? Because that’s how we are wired. We all deal with it quite naturally in the same way but to varying degrees of worry.

Take myself, my mother was diagnosed in May. Sadly, she has an uncurable form as it’s spread to her lungs.

I found a lump in the deep tissue of my breastlast week and combining that with my mums diagnosis is pretty scary. My lump is further back to yours and likely hood is that it’s nothing major. I have my appointment next Wednesday and I’m not really giving it much thought (as in worrying) because I can’t do anything about it. I always say, what will be will be and live my life trying to just enjoy each day no matter what is thrown at me. I’m not telling you to be the same, that’s not possible because we are not the same. My advice is to read what’s on here and learn from what you read. If you need treatment then look at what the ladies have detailed because it will prepare you hugely for what to expect. They have all been where we are and it’s been horrid for all but after the event, most have stated that, although not nice, the thought of the journey is far worse than the journey itself.

You will get through this and you will be surprised at how brave and strong you really are.

Let us know how you get on next Tuesday and make sure you talk to us all. The help and support here is invaluable!

Take care. Xxxp

If you haven’t already why don’t you call the helpline and talk about your fears. I am currently waiting for biopsy results (core needle done in 2 places 2 weeks ago. ) I called the helpline a few days before my biopsy appointment… I had been recalled after a routine screening mammogram. I subsequently had a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound and was then scheduled for the biopsies. I have found all the waiting and not knowing abit stressful at times and it is easy to think the worst but I keep telling myself that the statistics are on my side. Please think about calling the helpline if you haven’t already. The lady I spoke to was very knowledgeable and understanding. Best wishes. Xx

Nearly two years ago I had an inverted nipple, and yes it did prove to indicate ‘something’. But it was a small ‘something’ with no spread into lymph nodes. I had a lumpectomy followed by 15 sessions of radiography.


Diagnosed 31st January 2014 - all done and dusted by 16th July 2014. 18 months later I can hardly credit that I’ve had cancer. I will be taking a hormone tablet for 5 years and so far have no identifiable side-effects. No doubt I am older than you (70 this year) but I just wanted to say that a diagnosis of cancer doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a horrific journey ahead. Each one of us is different, for some it is traumatic but for many of us - and no doubt those women don’t frequent this forum as they aren’t experiencing problems and needing support - it is a blip in their lives. I appreciate that while you’re actually living through it - and the waiting is by far the worse times - it won’t feel like a ‘blip’ but, in my case, that is all it was.


I wish you well as you progress through what is often termed this ‘journey’ - there is light at the end of the tunnel even if you can’t yet see it.