Sudden swelling after surgery

Help ! I had a lumpectomy with flap last week. All appeared to be going ok, however I have woken this morning with a lot more swelling , including large noticeable lump.

What should I do , it’s not painful , I just feel like I would burst ! Is this a Seroma or Haematoma ? Xx

Hi  I know this is 24 hours later but I do hope you rang the hospital and either spoke to the ward or your BCN.  If you are worried about anything it is always best to give them a call and get it checked out even if you are feeling okay.  That’s what they are there for.  Like you said it could be a seroma or haematoma.  I had a haematoma after mastectomy and it felt really tight and uncomfortable. It was drained a couple of times by needle which gave a lot of relief.  Do get it checked out if you haven’t done so already.

All the best x

Thank you - it’s been confirmed as a haematoma. I have to have surgery again tomorrow to drain it xx